Realmkeepers MMORPG, a new action-packed RPG title gets a soft launch in the Philippines for Android

Realmkeepers MMORPG is a new action RPG title brought to you by Fun Monkey Ltd has received a soft launch for Android in the Philippines and is available via Google Play.

Realmkeepers MMORPG aims to deliver a Classic MMORPG experience boasting both action and adventures

Realmkeepers MMORPG will aim to deliver a Classic MMORPG experience full of action-packed adventures for you to undertake. From what I’ve noticed, the game will have unique character classes as MMORPG titles do and you will have the freedom of choosing whichever class of heroes you may see fitting to your playing style. Each class will be unique not just by powerups but also by the arsenal of weapons, hence truly diversifying the gameplay.

There will be plenty of features for you to explore and unlock in the game, like the skill tree and character talents which will unlock new powers in the game. Realmkeepers MMORPG will offer enough missions and side quests to keep you busy while you level up the characters with all the XP you collect. There will be dungeons, boss battles, and a world full of mysterious monsters for you to explore.

Realmkeepers MMORPG soft launch, Realmkeepers MMORPGRealmkeepers MMORPG soft launch, Realmkeepers MMORPG
Image via Fun Monkey Ltd

The game boasts a carefully developed open-world setting, where you can explore the depths of the map and explore the secret lairs and dungeons. Each dungeon can be seen as a great opportunity to level up as they are filled with enemies and monsters waiting to be slashed.

What I am looking forward to is that Realmkeepers MMORPG will be featureing a real-time combat system as well, where you can master character class and mix up combos to deliver the ultimate blow. So, if you ask me, MMORPG fun seems to be in full glory here.

You can start joining the action for Realmkeepers MMORPG via Android

Realmkeepers MMORPG soft launch, Realmkeepers MMORPGRealmkeepers MMORPG soft launch, Realmkeepers MMORPG
Image via Fun Monkey Ltd

Realmkeepers MMORPG has received a soft launch in the Philippines, if you are interested and are eligible, be sure to check out the game via Google Play. There is no information available regarding an iOS release, hence stay tuned.

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