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MONOPOLY GO! is one of the most popular games out there currently, which brings out fantastic events for you to get more Dice Rolls to fill your bags with freebies such as Money that help us progress faster on the Map as we dream of being Real Estate Kings. One of the specialties of these events or tournaments is that we will be getting to play a lot of mini-games or boost events commonly called Timed Events which helps in getting a bigger share of rewards than normal. One of the popular timed events is Sticker Boom, which I will explain in the article about the details alongside its features in MONOPOLY GO!

While you are getting ready to see the redeem codes and use them, take a look at the articles crafted by our team on MONOPOLY GO! For more freebies on offer, we have a Dice Rolls guide that lists all the latest links to redeem and steps to get more free rolls. For beginners, you can get a headstart with our Beginners GuideCustomer Support GuideStickers Guide, along with a detailed Friends Guide to add and manage your MONOPOLY GO buddies.

MONOPOLY GO! Sticker Boom Timed Event details

The Sticker Boom is a time-limited flash event during which you can get many more Stickers from the sticker packs. This event is particularly valuable as it boosts the sticker count by 50%, rounding up to the nearest whole number, making it easier for you to complete your Sticker Sets and earn rewards.

Sticker Boom in MONOPOLY GOSticker Boom in MONOPOLY GO
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The Sticker Boom Event offers an 18-24 hour window in which you can log into the game and activate the boost. Upon activation, the boost is active for 10 minutes, during which you can open your sticker packs and enjoy additional stickers in your count. The sticker counts have a fixed boost, which I have listed in the below table.

Pack Type Normal Sticker Count Sticker Boom Count
Green Pack (1-Star Stickers) 2 3
Orange Pack (2-Star Stickers) 3 5
Purple Pack (3-Star Stickers) 3 5
Blue Pack (4-Star Stickers) 4 6
Pink Pack (5-Star Stickers) 6 9
Galaxy Pack 6 9

However, what is extremely important is to make sure you have collected as many sticker packs as possible before the Sticker Boom Event. At that time, this same player should log in as soon as possible. After the event is active, it should get the boost and be ready to open all your packs during the time limit.

When is the next Sticker Boom event in MONOPOLY GO

The Sticker Boom event period will vary, so it is important to keep an eye on official Monopoly GO announcements. For now, the next Sticker Boom will be kicking off on June 10th, 2024, for 24 hours. Alongside, there is no particular schedule known to us, once this event comes regularly, we will come to know.

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