Star Rail Version 2.4 Banner Order leaks, characters, and more

If you’re consistent with Honkai: Star Rail and eagerly awaiting Version 2.4, then you probably know that Version 2.3 is set to launch on June 19th, 2024. In this update, we’ll see the addition of unique characters like Firefly and Jade. Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming Version 2.4 Banner order, giving you insights into the known information about them, and the release date of these teased characters following the next updates.

As someone following HoYoverse closely, you should be aware of the growing anticipation fueled by teasers and sneak peeks. Reliable sources on platforms like Twitter and Reddit have been leaking unofficial but intriguing details about the upcoming update, including the debut sequence of new characters. Moreover, if you’re interested, you can delve into the latest Boothill Build Guide, which showcases his unique light cone feature.

Yunli is the first banner for version 2.4 in Honkai: Star Rail

The start of Version 2.4 in Honkai: Star Rail will be signaled by the Yunli banner, as she was recently teased on the official HSR media accounts. Version 2.4 is anticipated to be released around July 30, 2024, with Yunli being the inaugural banner. She belongs to the Physical element and follows the Destruction Path in Honkai: Star Rail, specializing in area-of-effect damage along with potent follow-up attacks, according to leaks.

Honkai Star Rail YunliHonkai Star Rail Yunli
Image via HoYoverse

Additionally, leaks suggest Yunli will have a powerful follow-up attack as her main damage source, similar to Clara’s counter-attack. It is also rumored that she has an ability that drains some of her HP, similar to Blade. While it’s still early to confirm, many players are theorizing that she will pair very well with Feixiao.

Jiaoqiu is the second banner for version 2.4 in Honkai: Star Rail

Jiaoqiu is set to be the second banner featured in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.4, and he is anticipated to join the game from mid to late June, extending possibly to early August 2024. This upcoming 5-star character is aligned with the Fire element within the Path of Nihility.

Honkai Star Rail JiaoqiuHonkai Star Rail Jiaoqiu
Image via HoYoverse

Jiaoqiu’s kit focuses on inflicting Fire damage, applying a debuff called Flavour to diminish enemy strength, and offering healing and enhanced Ultimate damage to allies via his Aura ability. Players are speculating that he might be an amazing pair with Acheron. The fusion of offense and support in his playstyle makes gameplay dynamic and engaging. Stay tuned for official updates to uncover Jiaoqiu’s full potential and know his overall potential.

Final Thoughts

The upcoming Version 2.4 banners in Honkai: Star Rail promise to bring new excitement into the game. With Yunli and Jiaoqiu joining the fray, you can look forward to exploring a variety of powerful abilities and discovering fresh strategies. This update is expected to offer some interesting characters, introduce new challenges, and keep the game engaging with every update.

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