Tower of Fantasy Original Game Soundtracks: Your Ultimate Playlist Guide

Tower of Fantasy, the popular free-to-play, open-world MMORPG for PC and mobile devices, is well known for many reasons, be it the gameplay, role-playing elements, or visuals to name a few. Well, another reason is surely the music and one of the reasons why players find solace in a relaxing environment is the soundtrack, and Tower of Fantasy excels in this aspect. So, if you’re looking to slip into a relaxing mood and enjoy the original Tower of Fantasy soundtracks, I’ve got you covered.

List of Tower of Fantasy Original Game Soundtracks

Below is the list of the Soundtracks you can access.

Number Title Release Date
1 Gesthos Network Jun 7, 2024
2 Beyond Horizons Feb 2, 2024
3 A Sword Dance of Ice Nov 3, 2023
4 The Dragon Grove Oct 5, 2023
5 Domain 9 Sector Jul 1, 2023
6 Grand Sea Apr 3, 2023
7 Theme Song Mar 23, 2023
8 Fenrir’s Digital Single Mar 8, 2023
9 Miasmic Swamp Feb 7, 2023
10 Dive Deeper Dec 3, 2022
11 Mirroria Tour Nov 5, 2022
12 Desert Far Away Oct 22, 2022
13 Version 2.0: Vera Theme Song – New World Oct 20, 2022
14 Fall on Aida Oct 1, 2022
15 Artificial Island Wild Nights Sep 25, 2022
16 Artificial Island Days Sep 18, 2022
17 Navia After The Rain Sep 6, 2022
18 Tower of Fantasy Global Theme Song & milet’s New Song Aug 17, 2022
19 Astra Night Background Music Jun 11, 2022

How to listen to Tower of Fantasy’s official songs or soundtracks

Tower of FantasyTower of Fantasy
Image via Level Infinite

Well, you have the complete playlist for the OSTs of Tower of Fantasy listed via the YouTube playlist, which you can find here. Well, if the team is releasing more soundtracks, you can find it updated in the playlist, and I will be updating the table alongside it. Until then, stay tuned!

Pick your poison listening to other soothing tracks available:

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