After the EU market, Apple might have to allow third-party app stores in Japan

Things might be getting interesting for players on mobile devices as Apple and Google both might have to allow third-party app stores in Japan. If this comes to fruition, Japan will join the European Union (EU) as the second region to integrate third-party app stores within Apple devices.

Earlier this year, it was known to us that the American Tech Giant Apple was all set to introduce sideloading, which will allow users to install third-party apps outside of the official iOS App Store which is present in the European Union regions. While Google permits third-party app stores within its market, the majority of control over Android stems from Google itself.

Japan is introducing a bill to break the app store dominance of Apple and Google

The majority of the changes we are seeing right now are due to the European Commission which designated six major companies as gatekeepers under the DMA, including Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta, and Microsoft, last year. Among the changes ordered by the DMA is Apple’s obligation to allow users to install applications from sources other than the App Store.

App Store coverApp Store cover
Image via Apple/Google

From the info shared by Japan Times, the Japanese government is introducing a bill to break up Apple and Google’s dominance of the country’s smartphone app market. The bill would require the tech giants to allow third-party app stores and to provide more payment options, a step toward more competition that could also drive down the price of apps.

Another detail shared is that the bill is now being discussed in parliament and is expected to pass through both chambers by the end of the current session, which concludes next month, and might come into effect by the end of 2025.

Tech giants join Epic Games in fight against AppleTech giants join Epic Games in fight against Apple
Image via Epic Games

The bigger names such as Xbox Mobile App Store and Epic Games Store will be the ones coming as the app stores inside Google and Apple stores, and this might be the beginning of a new chapter. These developments are great for the users as well as developers to get less cuts and better deals on games too.

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