Every Mobile Gaming announcement made at NetEase Connect 2024

Who doesn’t love the announcement of new titles on the small screen? Well, NetEase Games does have a way of announcing massive upcoming titles, and this year, we have the NetEase Connect 2024 that revealed a host of highly anticipated upcoming titles along with new games. So let me help you by listing all the mobile gaming announcements in the show.

List of Mobile Games showcased in NetEase Connect 2024

Since the conference was streamed in Chinese, some of the translations of the game might be confusing but rest assured you can confirm the data.

1. Naraka Bladepoint Mobile

Naraka Bladepoint MobileNaraka Bladepoint Mobile
Image via NetEase Games

Naraka Bladepoint Mobile is another title that got a showcase, and we got even more impressive visuals on screen compared to the one we got during the official confirmation of the title. From what we know,
the mobile version has optimized the game for mobile players, including a sliding release for the aggregation key to mimic a PC gaming experience

2. Once Human

Once Human, Once Human Wallpaper, Once Human gameOnce Human, Once Human Wallpaper, Once Human game
Image via NetEase Games

Next in line is Once Human, which offers a supernatural open-world survival game set in a unique, eerie experience. The player wakes up to the stardust-polluted wilderness, where deadly creatures lurk in the dark. As they build homes in this wasteland, they strive to reclaim the human homeland from terrifying aberrations.

3. Where Ends Meet

Where Winds Meet game coverWhere Winds Meet game cover
Image via NetEase

Where Winds Meet is an open-world Wuxia game with a traditional Chinese feel to it, developed by NetEase’s Everstone Games. Set during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms to the Song Dynasty, you can learn and integrate techniques freely with free-flowing gameplay. The China beta test will start on May 31, 2024, with a China release expected on July 26, 2024.

4. Lost Light

Lost Light game coverLost Light game cover
Image via NetEase Games

Lost Light is a survival loot shooter where you venture into dangerous locked areas, equipped with armor and weapons to gather supplies, find specific extraction points, and escape unscathed from intense firefights and formidable enemies, all action into one. The official China public beta test for Lost Light is set for June 6, 2024.

5. Ashfall

Ashfall cover, Ashfall closed beta testAshfall cover, Ashfall closed beta test
Image via NetEase

The adventure shooter MMORPG Ashfall is hitting China, as the testing for the game is scheduled for May 24th this year in the country. In the game set in an Eastern post-apocalyptic world, you’ll encounter other adventurers, team up to conquer multiplayer dungeons, battle in PVP maps, and form and build guilds, fostering warm friendships.

6. Marvel SNAP

Marvel Snap China CoverMarvel Snap China Cover
Image via NetEase Games

Chinese fans can rejoice as the Game Awards 2022 Best Mobile Game Award winner Marvel Snap is coming to China finally, with pre-registrations now open. The card game allows players to build decks with 12 cards, each representing an iconic Marvel character, from superheroes to famous villains. Each card has unique abilities or special effects.

7. Operation Apocalypse

Operation Apocalypse NetEase coverOperation Apocalypse NetEase cover
Image via NetEase Games

Rumored to be the returning Hyper Front under a new name, sci-fi 5V5 shooter Operation Apocalypse is going to be the next in line. We will be getting some amazing competitive mode­s in the game, like te­am battles, solo matches, qualifiers, and different challe­nges. We did get to see a showcase of the game, but further details aren’t out yet.

8. Jiuji: Qifeng Journey

Jiuji: Qifeng Journey is another fantasy adventure game jointly developed by NetEase Games and Qiwu Studio. The PV showcase was fantastic, promising an otherworldly universe. More details of the game to revealed in the coming days.

9. Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends China coverRaid Shadow Legends China cover
Image via NetEase Games

The popular fantasy strategy collectible RPG game Raid: Shadow Legends, with over 10 million players, will be hitting China soon. Here, you assume the role of a Taylor warrior, assemble 300+ heroes from 13 races, and battle the Dark Lord to safeguard Terraria. The first public test recruitment is now open in China.

10. Brave Fist Charge

Brave Fist Charge China CoverBrave Fist Charge China Cover
Image via NetEase Games

Brave Fist Charge is a 3v3 team-based VR action game centered around melee combat. We players have to select characters with unique abilities to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious. Not much detail is known yet.

11. Dragon Spirit Realm

Dragon Spirit Realm is a fantasy MMORPG mobile game where you become dragon knights defending Connatus, a city of light and darkness. Embark on adventures of protection and conquest, exploring lush fantasy realms, battling invaders, establishing guilds, and conquering world bosses with allies. The showcase was amazing, but the details are not known yet.

Well, that’s it for the coverage of NetEase Connect 2024. Until more updates on the announced games, take a look at other related articles:

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