MONOPOLY GO! Daily Events Schedule and Rewards List

As a modern-day twist on the classic board game Monopoly, Scopely’s fun casual title MONOPOLY GO! has been hitting impressive numbers since its debut, which also made headlines for amassing $2 Billion in revenue just 10 months after its launch. Part of its success lies in how the game has been able to keep the interest running with the number of events it brings to the table. So, in this article, to help you with the detailed schedule of the events that will be going live, I bring you the MONOPOLY GO Daily Events Schedule and Rewards list you can refer to daily.

MONOPOLY GO! Daily Timed Events Schedule

The Timed Events of MONOPOLY GO are where players can get many different bonuses and challenges under the game during events and tournaments. They’re temporary mini-games, so to speak, bringing special rewards with them, like more cash, additional rolls of the dice, or boosted sticker counts, among many others.

monopoly go timed events listmonopoly go timed events list
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Here’s the list of timed events that are scheduled currently for the day.

Timed Event Date Duration
Rent Frenzy May 21, 2024 30 Minutes
Free Parking – Money May 21, 2024 45 Minutes
Builders Bash May 21, 2024 45 Minutes
Landmark Rush May 21, 2024 6 Hours from 17:00 CST

MONOPOLY GO! Events and Tournament Schedule

Events and Tournaments are part of the schedule, where we will be getting amazing rewards on offer alongside some entertainment with the Dig or Partners event which will be live.

MONOPOLY GO! Rewards you can claim

Here is the complete list of rewards you can claim with the events live.

Event Name Rewards Earned
Daily Dice Rolls Free Dice Rolls
Fortune Patrol 4420 Dice Rolls and Robo Partners Tokens
Constructor Clash 4420 Dice Rolls and Robo Partners Tokens
Robo Partners Dice Rolls, Wild Sticker, Robo Penguin board 

That’s all for the MONOPOLY GO Daily Events Schedule and Rewards list. Interested in learning more? Read other related MONOPOLY GO! articles:

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