announces a new merch system, outfits, map, and more in its 3rd KPI

The highly awaited monster-hunting action RPG from Supercell has yet another announcement regarding the features hitting the game. In their 3rd KPI (Key Portal Insights) update, the team introduced a few improvements, skins, upcoming features, and more.

The title has already introduced two KPIs, bringing a lot into the game. However, the third one also brings many exciting news and changes. The game has talked about a new merch system, outfits, map, and more in this KPI. Let me give you an overview of everything you need to know. to bring a plethora of new features, 3rd KPI reveals

Skin System

Skins are the heart of player entertainment as they feature exquisite colors and styles, enough to add extra joy while playing. However, a need for an organized skin system was much needed in the game. The title brings a Merch Machine, Merch Token, and more things to heat up the player experience.

Merch Machine will introduce “Merch Machine”, a brand new way to unlock outfits, mount skins, and emotes. It is a complete makeover of the whole process of unlocking and collecting outfits, mount skins, and emotes.

Merch Machine in mo.coMerch Machine in
Image via Supercell

In this machine, merch will be sorted by ‘collection style’, making it easier to find the outfits a player is interested in. It will show a preview of different outfits and also the number of acquired ones.

Merch Token

As the new merch machine is coming up, the game will bring a token named “Merch Token” that can be used to take a spin to unlock some sweet merch. Players can also collect merch tokens from Job Chests, or buy them straight from the shop.

Time To Pull in mo.coTime To Pull in
Image via Supercell

New Emotes

There will be a few newly introduced emotes. Besdies, the mounts will now be featured directly in the wardrobe. Here’s the list of new emotes:

  • Bright Fireworks
  • Red Hearts
  • Colorful Rainbow
  • Party Popper
  • Sad
  • Thumb
  • Hei Hei
  • Yoga TP
  • Break It Down
  • Knees-up

New Outfits KPI without any new outfits is not possible at all. The game, this time, is bringing a whole lot of outfits and cool wearables to make the characters look more cool and shiny. Here’s a glimpse of the upcoming outfits. But do remember that these outfits, as shared by the game, are still under development. 3rd KPI 3rd KPI outfits
Image via Supercell

If not satisfied yet, I have some more to reveal. The game is developing gears to feature in the game as well. Just take a look at them!

New Map: Garden City

The latest map in, as announced in the 3rd KPI, is called Garden City. Filled with verdant vegetation and waterfalls, it’s the ideal vacation destination but comes with monsters crawling all over it.

Image via Supercell tweaking the Targeting System, changed Game Economy, and more in the 3rd KPI

As the game shared more insights into the upcoming features, I want to mention a few here. There will be a Targeting System, a Game Economy Feature, and more options to be added.

Targeting System

This will allow hunters to target a specific monster. The process is simple: hold down the attack button, and you’ll consistently target the same monster, even if other monsters get closer to you. But the system has a few setbacks as well. However, the sad news is that it is not coming into the game but the game promises to bring something more exciting.

  • Once players let go of the attack button to use a gadget or something, they lose focus and start targeting whichever monster is closest.
  • Hunting down the same monster can be a real pain.
  • For players who want to attack just by pressing a single button, this feature will not be a handy tool.
  • The feature is not much fun and dynamic. Also, the design and balance would need to adjust for multiple control schemes.

Game Economy’s team always thought about how to fine-tune the game’s economy, particularly unlocking cosmetics and the overall monetization strategy. The game decided to remove the ‘premium merch token’. Now,  all collections/outfits will be unlocked with a regular merch token. There are several latest changes that has been made to the game economy.

  • Removed mo.coins
  • Merch Token is only found in Job Chests and in the shop
  • Chaos Cubes will only be available in crates which only gave mo.coins previously
  • events and easter eggs will now give XP (previously gave Chaos Cubes) talks about the changes made so far, simplifying the game is the primary motivation

The game said that it is better to have a simplified version of the game. All the players should be eligible to earn a steady amount no matter when they start playing. Thus the game removed the premium outfit tokens and mo.coins to streamline.

But the game did think about earning a few bucks and that is important for every title. And, outfits are the best way to make players spend their money. While most of the regular outfits are free, the flashiest ones will only be available via the shop. Besdies, the changes with currencies in-game,  Chaos Cubes become the absolute premium currency for Gears and “something to spend very wisely“.

More Changes

There are a few more changes. This doesn’t stop, I’m tired of writing all the changes! However, here are more of the changes that the game made. I’m putting them down here as well.

Bean in mo.coBean in
Image via Supercell

Passive Gadgets will now be accessible right from the start. It will give a boost in the early game. This will make things simpler and smoother, while also speeding up Project completion. Besides, monsters will now come with more intelligence. They’ll exhibit more evolved behaviors, like tactically retreating to heal or teaming up for a double attack. As Bean is removed from the game, tries to compensate the players with a few items.

The next stop for will be introducing ‘End Game’. However, this will be featured on the next KPI. So far, keep enjoying the game.

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