New Brawlers, events, skins and more

After the last Brawl Talk in February 2024, Supercell is back with another Brawl Talk for April 2024Brawl Stars will introduce new brawlers, events, skins, and more. Besides, the game is partnering with the Godzilla franchise to bring Godzilla-themed skins, a special game mode named City Smash, and brawler mutations. Let us discuss the April 2024 Brawl Talk in detail, bringing many fun, events, and changes in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars April 2024 Brawl Talk: New Brawlers

New Brawler: Lily

A new mythic assassin and a part of Cordelius crew. Lily got her power after chasing a firefly in the enchanted woods after getting caught by a magic flower. She’s now a part human, part firefly, and part plant. But mostly, she’s powerful. She has a one-ammo close-range attack and charges her super when she’s near enemies.

Brawl Stars April 2024 Brawl Talk New Brawler LilyBrawl Stars April 2024 Brawl Talk New Brawler Lily
Image via Supercell Games

Her super is called Flourish where Lily fires a plant-based projectile that damages the enemies. At the same time, she teleports behind the enemy and hits. She’s a powerful backstabber.

The new brawler Lily has a skin named “Strawberry Lily

New Brawler: Draco

A new legendary brawler. A metalhead belongs to the new star perks area called “Mad Evil Manner”. He’s a master storyteller and a close-range expert. His weapon, a guitar, deals the most damage if he can hit with the tip of it. Getting damaged will charge his super which fires a mighty flame from his ride, a dragon. When using super, Draco will have increased speed and damage reduction as well as a new area of effect attack blasting out fire in front of him.

Brawl Stars April 2024 Brawl Talk New Brawler DracoBrawl Stars April 2024 Brawl Talk New Brawler Draco
Image via Supercell Games

Draco has his “Dark Knight Draco” skin.

Brawl Stars April 2024 Brawl Talk: New Hypercharges, new skins and more

New Hypercharges

There will be six new Hypercharges in the game:

  • Brock will fire a rocket barrage raining down four waves of rockets.
  • Sandy can get herself and the teammates extra movement speed.
  • Nita’s hypercharge will come with extra speed and health.
  • Max will provide energy drinks for the teammates that will allow an increased speed and movement. It will also charge their super.
  • Tick will lay 6 mini-mines for the enemies. Lastly,
  • Gene will split into three where each can grab an enemy.

New Skins

The Monster event is going to provide a lot of skins for Brawlers. Here are what players are going to get.

Image via Supercell Games
  • Mecha Tick Ghidorah
  • Mothra Eve
  • Mecha Godzilla Nita
  • Super Ranger Brock Red: He’ll have four colors which are Pink, Red, Black, and Blue.
  • Hypercharge Godzilla Buzz: It comes with a custom Brawler model, effects, animations, voice, texture, and takedown. Brawlers will transform into this skin when they’re in their hypercharge state. The skins can be collected by playing the event.

29 gem skins

  • Beach Byron: When needs cooldown.
  • Parasol Frank: Perfect for a sunny day!
  • Frost Queen Amber: She can be obtained as a complete skin package that is priced at 299 gems.
  • Gala Mortis: She’ll give a fright that enemies will remember.

Cyberbrawl Season June

In the upcoming Cyberbrawl season in June, the below-listed skins will be available.

Brawl Stars April 2024 Brawl Talk Cyberbrawl Season June skinsBrawl Stars April 2024 Brawl Talk Cyberbrawl Season June skins
Image via Supercell Games
  • Hacker Brock
  • Master Hacker Brock
  • RGB Hacker Brock
  • Bea Byte
  • Fanguard: He’ll kick down your firewall.
  • Virus Charlie: She’ll expose your browser history!

Ranked Star Drop skins

More skins are coming in the game. It’s like a rain of brawler skins. Let’s take a look at what more skins will be available soon.

  • Byron the White
  • Rui Shou Nita
  • Glitch Larry & Lawrie
  • Wave Hopper Jacky
  • Filmmaker Buzz
  • Moon Curser Penny
  • Piano 8-Bit
  • Scarlet Paladin Surge: It will come in the Monster Eggs.

Arcade Skins

These are remastered and recalled skins. Here’s is what on this list

  • Gamer Bibi: She’s a real gamer even though she’s a mobile gamer.
  • Urban Ninja Tara
  • Squad Buster Shelly

“Supercell Make” skins

  • Dark Samurai Gene created by Reghs
  • Nightmare Sandy created by Gedikor

There will be a few new True Gold and True Silver skins as well as a few skins remodel. We also have a bonus item for you! Scan the QR code below to receive it.

Brawl Stars February 2024 Brawl Talk bonus itemBrawl Stars February 2024 Brawl Talk bonus item
Image via Supercell Games

There will be more skins in the update.

Brawl Stars February 2024 Brawl Talk: New Game Mode, Event, and more

New Game Mode: City Smash

Brawl Stars February 2024 Brawl Talk New Game Mode City SmashBrawl Stars February 2024 Brawl Talk New Game Mode City Smash
Image via Supercell Games

This game mode is a part of the upcoming event where players have to destroy the enemy city. Upon destroying, they’ll get Monster Eggs as rewards. In this mode, players can transform them into Godzilla and Mecha Godzilla. More interestingly, they can become an epic Kaizu sometime! The team that destroys more cities will become the winner. Upto 6 Eggs will be rewarded after completing a game in City Smash. Losing will also get an award that is a rare Star Drop. Monster Eggs will also become available in daily rewards.

Godzilla Egg Breakers Club Event

Image via Supercell GamesImage via Supercell Games
Image via Supercell Games

To join the event, the player must be in any club. Club members will see a giant egg. With each monster egg a club player breaks will fill the giant egg and after completing the whole of it, a new skin will be rewarded to all the members of that club. If any club is close to completing the giant egg but falls short of eggs, they can buy from the store. 

5v5 Knockout

The less brawler in a team, the more powerful they will become!

Brawl Stars x Godzilla Event

Brawl Stars has teamed up with Godzilla to bring up monster events in the game. The event is full of rewards with a new unlocking system. Featuring monster eggs, players will need to smash them to unlock their hidden rewards including coins, power points, credits, bling, brand-new skins, and mutations. The event will run from the 29th of April to the 20th of May.

Brawl Stars x Godzilla EventBrawl Stars x Godzilla Event
Image via Supercell Games

New Rank Modifier

Second Wing: Brawlers will respawn in their defeated place rather than respawning in their home.

Brawl Stars April 2024 Brawl Talk: Brawler Mutations

Monster Eggs contain powerful mutations. For example, Grom’s mutation is named “Grom Bomb” which fires 4 additional projectiles in an X-shape and he will have an increased Super Charge. This can affect supers like BO will have unlimited mines, and Pam will have unlimited ammo. A total of 40 Brawlers will have different mutations.

Brawl Stars April 2024 Brawl Talk Brawler MutationBrawl Stars April 2024 Brawl Talk Brawler Mutation
Image via Supercell Games

Mutation will be available in all game modes and a mutation modifier will pop up in each mode so players can choose not to play with mutations if they do not want to. This Mutation system will only be active during the Monster Godzilla event.

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