Blood Strike from NetEase Games surpasses 30 million downloads worldwide

Blood Strike, the FPS battle royale sensation from NetEase Games, has achieved a monumental milestone of 30 million downloads worldwide across various platforms by the end of March 2024, confirmed to GamingonPhone over an email.

Since its inception, Blood Strike has dominated the gaming landscape, seizing the top spot in video game charts in more than 15 countries, including the United States. This extraordinary ascent has united millions of players from across the globe, thrusting them into adrenaline-fueled battles on the virtual battlefield.

Blood Strike, Blood Strike tops chart, Blood Strike in the United StatesBlood Strike, Blood Strike tops chart, Blood Strike in the United States
Image via NetEase Games

Blood Strike also introduces a new map Shutter Island map

In Blood Strike, brace yourself for intense combat density, characterized by brief game durations intertwined with frequent and relentless skirmishes, complemented by swift respawns. This ensures an adrenaline-charged experience where the action is fast-paced, unforgiving, and utterly exhilarating, all tailored to accommodate your preferred playtime.

At the heart of Blood Strike are the Strikers, remarkable hero characters endowed with distinct abilities, harmonizing seamlessly with an extensive arsenal of weaponry. Mastery of both is imperative to triumph over adversaries. With up to 100 players converging on Blood Strike’s dynamic maps, the stage is set for epic confrontations. Navigate the terrain with parkour and zip-line mechanics to gain tactical advantages and outmaneuver your foes in electrifying encounters.

Blood Strike Shutter Island map, Blood Strike 30 million downloadsBlood Strike Shutter Island map, Blood Strike 30 million downloads
Image via NetEase Games

Blood Strike aficionados are in for a thrilling new challenge with the imminent arrival of the Shutter Island map in April. This expansive battleground will immerse strikers in intense skirmishes amidst a plethora of facilities and structures, where every nook and cranny harbors the potential for surprise encounters.

Since its official launch in March 2024, following a successful soft launch in Southeast Asia and Latin America, Blood Strike has garnered unprecedented acclaim from gamers worldwide. The game’s rapid-fire gameplay, combined with its accessibility and outstanding performance, renders it a compelling choice for players of all stripes.

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