Blue Archive brings the Trip-Trap-Train event with new students, events, and more

The well-known tactical RPG, Blue Archive approaches the arrival of a high-speed event narrative titled “Trip-Trap-Train,” featuring an eclectic mix of fresh students and the reappearance of essential characters. Within this event narrative, participants, accompanied by Sensei and newcomer Ichika, endeavor to obtain a relic possessing significant political implications for the Tea Party and the Trinity General School’s Student Council, all within the confines of a swiftly moving train. With escape routes scarce, the duo finds themselves on a direct collision course with the notorious fugitive Kasumi.

New sonic-style students unveiled in Blue Archive Trip-Trap-Train adventure

In “Trip-Trap-Train,” two fresh Sonic-style students, Ichika and Kasumi, make their debut. Ichika, hailing from Trinity General School’s Justice Task Force, surprises with her EX Skill “I Have a Request,” dealing ATK-scaling damage in a fan-shaped area, showcasing her hidden strength behind a calm demeanor. Kasumi, a mischievous character from Gehenna Academy’s Hot Springs Department, employs her EX Skill “Giant Heel Crush,” reducing enemy defense and inflicting ATK-scaling damage in a circular area.

Players immersing themselves in this action-packed adventure will also encounter:

  • Character Recruitment: Akko and Iori Return – Beloved characters Akko and Iori make a comeback, bringing their unique abilities for players to recruit and utilize in battle.
  • Guide Task “3 Days/Week Workplace Improvement Mission” – A daily mission event offering various tasks for players to complete and earn valuable currencies such as Pyroxene.
  • Enhanced Content for Growth – The addition of an M difficulty rating to dungeon-type content Commissions and the introduction of the Shanhaijing Main Special Zone area in Lessons, providing more opportunities for player interaction with students.
  • Bountiful Rewards – Completing the story and related quests grants players event points, Train Tickets, and Document Bags. Deploying students from various factions like the Justice Task Force, Hot Springs Department, Prefect Team, or Tea Party offers additional rewards. Event points can be exchanged in the Event Shop for Credits, while event currencies can be traded for items such as Superior Tactical Training Blu-Rays (Gehenna), Superior Tech Notes (Gehenna), and the Field Day Ref Bench, an engaging furniture item suitable for Ichika’s environment.

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