FC Mobile 24 April 2024 Patch Update introduces the Spectator mode and other gameplay improvements

After the last December update, EA has again introduced a massive gameplay update to FC Mobile. The fans have been demanding some significant gameplay changes and their voices have not gone unheard. With the latest FC Mobile 24 April 2024 update, EA brings gameplay changes and introduces the much-awaited Spectator mode!

FC Mobile 24 April 2024 Patch Update: Spectator Mode and League Matches

Spectator Mode

Introducing the Spectator Mode! It is a brand-new addition to Leagues where you as players can spectate H2H matches within your League in real-time. Now you can watch, spectate, and cheer for your league mates as they battle out in the league. Additionally, you can watch the replays of those matches for an entire week and learn the skills from your league mates.

Spectator mode promises to bring a whole new level of fun to your League, from creating tournaments, sharing gameplay, and building epic rivalries! The Spectator Mode will be available in Leagues as part of the upcoming April 2024 Update!

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League Matches

League Matches is a brand-new feature for leagues! In League Matches, you can challenge your very own league mates to H2H Matches. Additionally, you can also watch match replays and League matches in real time. Visit the Leagues Tab to access Leagues on your FC Mobile.

From the Leagues Tab, you can check the new League Match section. Here you can start playing, watching, and sharing replays of the League Matches. Of course, you still need to have Account Level 15 to start playing Leagues.

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How to play League Matches in FC Mobile

Challenge your League members to H2H matches via League Matches

  • Tap on the Play Match button to notify other members that you’re looking to play an H2H match. 
  • Your mates will a notification on their home screen that redirects them to the League Match hub.
  • From there, your league mate can accept your H2H match challenge while others can spectate.  

How to spectate League Matches in FC Mobile

Now you can watch matches while a League Match is in progress from the League Match section by clicking on the Spectate button. During the match, you can choose between different viewing options that will help immerse you in the action by tapping on the Settings menu in the top-right of your screen

The following options are available in the Viewing Settings:

  • Toggle between 5 different camera angles
  • Show the Player Cursor for a single team, both teams or none
  • Mini-map display
  • In-match commentary

How to watch League Matches in FC Mobile

After a match is over, replays of the League match will now show up at the League Match hub for those who missed the action or just want to relive it. Anyone from the League will be able to watch the replay of the matches for up to 7 days.

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To watch a replay, scroll to the match from the League Match hub and press the replay button. You can watch the replay multiple times for the next one week. Additionally, you can share replays of any H2H match with your league by tapping the Share to League button at the end of each H2H match.

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