Love and Deepspace When Tides Echo event brings a new companion, new activities, and more

The skilled team at Infold Games, known for their widely beloved “Nikki” and “Mr. Love” franchises, eagerly announces through their latest trailer the expansion of their immensely successful Otome ARPG, Love and Deepspace. Having amassed over 10 million downloads within the first three days of its open beta, Love and Deepspace now introduces a fresh event titled When Tides Echo, accessible for play on both iOS and Android platforms.

Embark on a sci-fi romance adventure in Love and Deepspace

Set in and around the picturesque underwater city of Lemuria, Love and Deepspace transports players into a sci-fi saga where love transcends all boundaries. Brimming with captivating cinematic sequences, intricately woven narratives, and a profound RPG combat system, those embarking on Deepspace Hunters’ journey must brace themselves for an expedition into the newest chapter, featuring the gifted artist Rafayel unveiling an entirely fresh identity.

As they confront the looming threat of the Wanderers, formidable adversaries jeopardizing humanity, players must delve 20,000 leagues beneath the waves to combat them. To vanquish these nefarious forces, individuals must harness specialized ‘Evol’ abilities. Within this underwater realm, Xavier, Zayne, and Rafayel, known as the God of the Tides, each possess their distinct set of ‘Evol’ powers and ‘Memories,’ promising players a unique encounter with every battle they undertake.

Unlock free memories in Love and Deepspace When Tides Echo event

Accompanying the latest interlude chapter in the Love and Deepspace saga is the introduction of a new unlockable companion, Rafayel, attained by gathering ‘Memory Pairs’ that unveil further details about the enigmatic God of the Tides. Also debuting are a fresh array of combat outfits, showcasing why Rafayel has garnered such admiration from Deepspace Hunters worldwide. Additionally, a second iteration of the beloved Hunter Contest will be available.

Enthusiasts of Love and Deepspace will find a novel reason to embark on a Claw Machine rendezvous with the introduction of ‘Fairymare’, the latest addition to the plushie collection, accessible starting April 3rd. Moreover, the photo booth will receive a significant enhancement with the inclusion of the ‘AR Snapshot feature’, enabling players to capture even more lifelike and immersive snapshots with their romantic interests.

The offerings extend further as fellow Hunters will gain access to fresh shop packs and can partake in the Sea Breeze Echo Event, presenting an opportunity to acquire new 3-star and 4-star memories at no cost. The limited-time playable event, When Tides Echo, will run from April 3rd to April 16th, 2024.

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