COD Warzone Mobile Season 3 brings Rust map, new Battle Royale Modes, and more

COD Warzone Mobile is slowly picking up pace after the initial rush of poor reviews, and with updates, the game looks to bring some interesting content. Aimed towards the same, we have the Warzone Mobile Season 3 kicking off this April 3, 2024. I know you are excited to get to know the features, so I will compile everything you need to know about this season, including the latest entries in Rust map, two new Battle Royale modes, and more.

COD Warzone Mobile Season 3 Overview

All three titles, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, will be getting the fun of Season 3. Season 3 introduces six primary 6v6 Multiplayer maps, a fresh Zombies mission alongside Rift explorations, the revival of Rebirth Island, additional Weapons, modes, Operators, BlackCell content, and notably, the complete integration of COD Warzone Mobile.

New Map – Rust

Rust, the map from Modern Warfare II is coming to Warzone Mobile for the first time at the start of Season 3. OG fans will know it, this is a small-sized map that is set in a desert oil yard and features a large central tower overlooking a field of pipes, fuel, shipping containers, and other sand-blasted scenery.

Warzone Mobile Rust mapWarzone Mobile Rust map
Image via Activision

The tower’s top platform offers a near-total view of the area below and is an impressive power position. The barricades and fuel depots below offer close cover where savage combat shines. Be ready to engage at a moment’s notice and within the maze under the tower.

New Battle Royale modes – Plunder and Buy Back

Plunder Mode in Warzone Mobile

Just like the name suggests, Plunder mode brings a simple win condition: be the top-earning squad when time expires to win. Drop and loot cash from the map, complete contracts, and battle opponents to be the first team to earn $2 million in in-game cash. Do note that reaching that cash threshold triggers a three-minute overtime where cash values double.

Respawn is enabled in Plunder, and players always deploy with their selected Loadout. This makes Plunder ideal for levelling up weapons and exploring the map without the looming threat of an enclosing gas circle. The free-form nature also makes for a variety of viable strategies, so I’ll ask you, ready to plunder?

Back Battle Mode in Warzone Mobile

Another new mode is the Buy Back, which will be In-Season. We jump into Verdansk in this tweaked version of the main Battle Royale. The rules are mostly the same, except for one big change: the Gulag is out of commission.

If you get taken out by an enemy, you’ve got just one chance to respawn and get back into the action. Also, for Duos, Trios, and Quads, you can bring back any teammate who hasn’t already had a second chance. Look out for this new mode to pop up in the Playlist rotation at the start of Season 3.

New Feature – UAV Towers

This was teased for a long, and finally, we are getting it. These towers form a network that reveals the whereabouts of nearby enemies. You’ll spot them on your Tac Map for easy access. By activating a tower during a match, you and your squad gain valuable intel on enemy positions.

Once you interact with the tower’s computer, it sends out circular UAV sweeps, covering a wide area around the tower. But here’s the catch: activating a tower makes noise, alerting nearby operators. So, be strategic about when and where you activate them. Keep an eye on your Tac Map and the overworld to see which towers are active.

Daily Login Rewards

Warzone Mobile s3 daily rewardsWarzone Mobile s3 daily rewards
Image via Activision

One of the inclusions this Season 3 will be login rewards! Even before you begin the first COD Warzone Mobile match of the day, you’re rewarded with a free item. The developers have mentioned that we can expect a variety of instantly accessible content available daily, including Skins and Blueprints.

Other updates and additions

In the middle of the season, anticipate fresh modes and exciting content updates for both Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Furthermore, from the launch until the middle of the season, COD Warzone Mobile will host weekly events offering a range of amazing cosmetics that can be unlocked.

These cosmetics are exclusively designed for use within Warzone Mobile, so cross-platform won’t be activated. Each event will introduce a new feature called The Keep, providing an optional and enjoyable method to acquire more items of varying rarity levels by using COD Points.

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