Original Game Soundtracks: Your Ultimate Playlist Guide, the monster-hunting action RPG from Supercell, is yet to get an official launch, but what we have seen looks very promising. With strong development plans for 2024, the team looks to bring some new features to the title. Among the specifics that impressed me much, the soundtrack was also one among them. Whenever I went for some monster hunting, the sound effects made sure that I was in the hunt. I did get hold of the Original game Soundtracks, and would to share the details with you. Original Game Soundtracks list is a Supercell game that diverts from its popular games in the strategy genre and goes rogue with the role-playing theme where you will be hunting monsters across beautiful parallel worlds. Here, you assume the role of a character who joins the startup, known for its monster-hunting endeavors. The game is divided into chapters, and your primary task is to complete missions assigned by the founders.

Supercell mo.coSupercell
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I had a very strong first impression of this title during its closed beta in the US. While I lauded the enjoyable gameplay, I was equally impressed by the quality of the sound design. Thankfully, has dropped the entire album for us to enjoy, and you can see the details of each track below.

Number Title Album
1 gm gear up
2 арех gear up
3 blue fog gear up
4 monster daydreams gear up
5 beat beat beat gear up
6 eudaimonia gear up
7 thought bubbles gear up
8 jaxxed gear up
9 h(a)unted gear up
10 powertrippin gear up
11 🙂 gear up
12 papa’s beat gear up

If you want to blast these tracks on your speakers, head over to Spotify playlist and enjoy them all. All of them are part of the “Gear Up” album. I’m hopeful that the team will release more tracks soon once we have the full-fledged release. Until then, let’s eagerly anticipate more from!

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