Wildfrost is set to release on April 11th, 2024 for Android and iOS

Publisher Chucklefish, along with independent developers Gaziter and Deadpan Games, revealed that the release of Wildfrost mobile is slated for April 11th on iOS and Android platforms. Interested players can now pre-register for the strategy game.

Experience never-ending thrills and challenges in Wildfrost 

In their journey, gamers are set to traverse a desolate, icy expanse, aiming to reclaim a world overrun by the Wildfrost. Equipped with a dynamic array of charming allies and powerful elemental artifacts, they must navigate through icy dangers, with only the resilient inhabitants of Snowdwell standing between them and an eternal winter. Victory depends on their strategic acumen and skillful deck construction in this grand struggle to break free from the Wildfrost’s icy grasp.

Image via Chucklefish

Throughout their quest, players will recruit adorable yet fierce companions in the form of cards, enhancing their abilities with charming enhancements. After each expedition, they can return to Snowdwell to fortify the settlement, unlock new cards, and encounter fresh challenges and events. With its roguelike nature, the game promises endless replay value, ensuring a unique adventure with each playthrough. Here are some of the features of the game:

  • A perfect mix of deckbuilding and adventure. Wildfrost lets players test card their battling skills as they fight to save the village of Snowdwell.
  • Multiple, unique leaders from a variety of different tribes at the beginning of each journey, each gifted with different randomized stats and skills.
  • The dynamic counter system to exploit foes and frosty monsters’ weaknesses.
  • A compendium of cute card companions, elemental items, and powerful charms to recruit and increase tactical options in battle.
  • Endless replayability filled with challenges and a new Daily Run.
  • Featuring fun jangly charm cameos from Cult of the Lamb, and Celeste.

Wildfrost mobile will release in all its glacial glory on April 11th, for £6.99, $6.99, and €6.99. Playable in English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, and Korean. Pre-registration for the game is now open.

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