Royal Revolt 2 is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the biggest update of the year

Royal Revolt 2, the popular free-to-play strategy tower defense game, marks its 10th anniversary with festivities open to all players. Participants can engage in various activities such as castle construction, obstacle placement, unit recruitment, and kingdom raids. Known for its engaging gameplay, impressive 3D visuals, and regular updates, Royal Revolt 2 remains a favorite among strategy enthusiasts globally, even ten years after its debut in 2014. Developed by Upright Games in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the game boasts over 40 million downloads to date.

Royal Revolt 2 10th anniversary update brings exciting new features

As the highlight of the anniversary celebrations, players can anticipate the largest update of the year! The anniversary edition brings forth additional upgrade levels that significantly impact all facets of the game, greatly expanding strategic avenues. With an additional rune slot, there is a broader scope for customizing and enhancing units, obstacles, spells, and hero items, presenting entirely fresh possibilities for shaping a personal play style.

Royal Revolt 2 10th anniversary updateRoyal Revolt 2 10th anniversary update
Image via Upright Games

The introduction of a fourth slot for hero items marks a pivotal shift in gameplay dynamics. This innovation spawns numerous strategic possibilities and expanded customization options, fundamentally altering both gameplay and the metagame. Furthermore, the addition of an extraction feature enables players to remove perks from one item and transfer them to another, offering a heightened level of strategic adjustment that allows for a more tailored gaming experience, thereby unlocking new pathways for progression within the game.

Royal Revolt 2 launches a new server for the first time

Another noteworthy aspect of the anniversary celebration entails the introduction of a fresh server in Royal Revolt 2. Commencing tomorrow, March 27, this newly launched server welcomes all eager adventurers, providing an excellent opportunity to commence anew, armed with gathered knowledge, and strive for a prominent standing on the leaderboard from the outset.

For those intrigued, the addition of this secondary server offers a splendid opportunity to forge their own dominion within a domain where future outcomes remain uncertain. Without any dominant alliances, each participant commences this expedition from scratch.

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