The Defence Update brings new combat, improved progression, and more

Exabyte Games’ strategy title Final Outpost gets a brand new look with the 1.5: The Defence Update that brings new combat, improved progression experience, skill tree adjustments, visual enhancements and more which I will explain in detail in this article.

Final Outpost 1.5 update overview

All new Combat and Defensive Upgrades

This is a majorly impactful update in my opinion. From 1.5, we can now enhance our wall defenses from crossbows to machine guns to fend off zombie attacks. Once they reach level 3 walls, they can construct turrets, allowing for crossbow construction to counter zombies.

Final Outpost combatFinal Outpost combat
Image via Exabyte Games

However, each shot depletes wood resources. Later upgrades with stone and metal enable machine guns, offering increased firepower, faster reload times, and extended range.

Improved Zombie Variety and Behavior

Three new zombie types namely Curious, Runner, and Armoured have been added. Curious zombies are drawn directly to walls regardless of noise levels, while Runners are faster and attract other zombies.

Final Outpost skill tree changesFinal Outpost skill tree changes
Image via Exabyte Games

Armored zombies, which are now resistant to standard weaponry such as machine gun bullets and knives, require sniper bullets to penetrate their protective shells. The AI of all zombies has been enhanced for more natural behavior and responses to noise, creating a more intense and unpredictable horde experience.

Skill Tree Enhancements

New repair and defense skills allow us players to upgrade workers and guards to better combat zombie attacks. Workers can optimize resource usage for wall repairs, while guards can improve accuracy, reload speed, and weapon rotation to attract fewer zombies.

Noise upgrades are integrated into the defense skill tree as a zombie attraction chance as well. Another addition comes with Skill points, which are earned after each horde night, rewarding survival skills.

Gameplay and Visual Improvements

Final Outpost visual enhancementsFinal Outpost visual enhancements
Image via Exabyte Games

A highly requested feature, the ability to fast-forward time at 2.5x speed during both day and night, has been added. Visual enhancements include updated artwork, a new wall health indicator, tutorial tips, improvements to in-game menus, sniper muzzle flash, and nighttime brightness for a more immersive experience.

Final Outpost 1.5 update release date

The Final Outpost 1.5 update will be arriving on March 31, 2024, but if you want to try it sooner, you have an early access version on iOS via Testflight.

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