Tencent’s TiMi and Lightspeed Studios are developing mobile games inspired by Palworld

Pocketpair’s Palworld became a smash hit on PC and Xbox upon its release earlier this year. The cute monster-taming title was cherished by the fans because of its simplicity, fun, and engaging gameplay. Inspired by its success, industry giant Tencent Games is gearing up to release mobile titles based on the principles used in Palworld.

Palworld Mobile is about time

Although we do not exactly have Palworld Mobile right now, the blueprint of success the game showed has already inspired many to explore the possibility of mobile games similar to Palworld. GamingonPhone reported earlier that Palworld’s developer, Pocketpair is actively hiring talents for a possible mobile version of Palworld. But seeing this coming from Tencent Games, who is known for creating hit mobile games, adds a different level of curiosity from the gamers community as well as the industry.

Palworld, Palworld fake mobile games coverPalworld, Palworld fake mobile games cover
Image via Pocketpair

As per the latest reports from Bloomberg, TiMi Studios and Lightspeed Studios are working on multiple mobile titles similar to Palworld. And for that, they’re actively hiring people for many open positions. One of them even read it as a “fantasy adventure world with cute pets” which signifies it is probably Palworld.

Tencent Games’ shift in its business strategy only makes more sense now

In a recently held earnings call, Tencent Games has confirmed its shift in the business strategy for its mobile games. As the competition arises across the globe for its mobile games, Tencent Games now aims to focus on fewer high-budget games that have successful IPs or have a proven track record within niche markets.

Tencent now sees Palworld’s success as a case study to build its own games with the same survival crafting + monster taming mechanism at its core. And it is supposed to resonate with the massive mobile games crowd as the mobile games community is eagerly anticipating a Palworld Mobile release.

Tencent also has Roco Kingdom in development

While many do not know, Tencent is also developing Roco Kingdom, a fantasy open-world game that mixes the elements of a Pokemon game with Genshin Impact. The game also had offline testing in China last December. Roco Kingdom is not exactly like Palworld, but looking at the trailer and art style (and Tencent Games at its back), I can confidently say that Roco Kingdom will probably be even better than Palworld.

However, as fans are eagerly waiting for a mobile version of Palworld or at least something similar, it is about time that we’ll have something. Meanwhile, you can also check out the mobile games similar to Palworld in the video attached below.

What are your thoughts on Tencent Games exploring the possibilities of creating survival crafting mobile games similar to Palworld? Let us know in the comments.

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