Sonic Toys Party looks to be the next Fall Guys-inspired mobile title with a Sonic twist

Fall Guys is undoubtedly one of the most fun experiences you can get on a game and thus, the mobile inspirations are plenty. Joining that list would be Sonic Toys Party, featuring SEGA’s Sonic-themed Fall Guys-like gameplay where players are pitted against each other in obstacle battles, with the leaked trailer also hinting at how the gameplay will be on mobile.

Sonic Toys Party has plenty of competition in the mobile market

Fall Guys was a trendsetter in the casual gaming market, and after its launch, it has inspired plenty of games, especially mobile. Stumble Guys was one of the earliest releases that went on to be highly popular. It was followed by NetEase Games’ Eggy Party while Tencent is also picking up the pace to launch Project: Fun Party (formerly DreamStar) at the earliest.

Eggy Party Skill GuideEggy Party Skill Guide
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With these in the mix, Sonic Toys Party wants to bank on the genre with their highly popular Sonic IP involved. I see this as a clever tactic though, have Sonic characters in a Fall Guys setting and have no one guess where the inspiration is from, clever. Coming to the game, as I watched the trailer for this Sonic-themed Fall Guys clone, I couldn’t help but feel a mix of excitement and skepticism.

The UI looks to be very messy, but there is a hint of multiple gameplay modes. There are a decent number of camera angles showcased, and the maps look very interesting. No doubt, we all love Sonic but the presentation wasn’t very appealing compared to other games in the mix, so the game needs some work, which the developers will do since this doesn’t look to be the final product.

Don’t bombard me with the release date questions since this isn’t an official announcement. Given the rumors surrounding the game, I believe makers might push for an official update soon. Remember SEGA registering a trademark for Sonic & Friends? Sonic Toys Party might also be SEGA’s effort to fulfill its desire to reach a broader mobile game market audience.

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