Brawl Stars China to add a Proximity Voice Chat in the game, global fans oppose

Brawl Stars, the popular mobile strategy game developed by Supercell, has a Chinese version published by Tencent. The China-exclusive version is often featured with things that are different from the global version. This time, Brawl Stars China announced the addition of a Proximity Voice Chat in the game. However, global fans burst out with negative words on the addition of this upcoming feature though it is not sure whether the global version will get the addition or not.

How does the Proximity Voice chat in Brawl Stars China work

Proximity Voice Chat works in a different way in-game. Unlike the voice chat features in most of the titles, where teammates can communicate via joining on lobbies or even in global or server chat that is open to all, this feature will be different. You can only speak to a teammate if comes within range with you. This means that only nearby teammates will be able to hear and communicate. But it is not sure if the chat will be available for both parties or only exclusive for teammates. And, when the feature will come into the game is also not announced.

Global fans are of the opposite view, the feature will not get a welcome

As the announcement came a few days ago, the global fans are not happy with the fear that it may come into the global version as well. Though it is unclear if it will come into the global version as the trend and attachment also follow both versions, there might be a chance we see the feature come into the game.

Proximity Voice Chat in Brawl Stars China gameplayProximity Voice Chat in Brawl Stars China gameplay
Image via Supercell

The best part is whether players are looking to watch it in-game or not. There were mixed comments that were spotted via several social media handle posts related to the news. Despite mixed opinions, one thing could be seen the feature will not be welcome in the global version.

While some are saying that the Proximity Voice Chat in Brawl Stars China will lead to better coordination among the teammates and help them plan different strategic moves in the same match, some have different opinions. Global players are from different countries and speak different languages, leading the game to a chaotic scene. Moreover, the difference in age of the teammates will also be a severe issue for those who just want to enjoy a nice and clean game. However, we’ll have to wait and watch for what’s coming ahead.

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