List of all the ongoing and upcoming events

In Brawl Stars, there is always something going on. The game doesn’t sit well as players are always looking to get something or enjoy any events that are going on. The game never disappoints as it always provides players with exciting events, skins, or rewards based on what the game is going to introduce. However, after looking at the needs of the players, I decided to make an exclusive event guide for Brawl Stars that will let you keep track of every current and upcoming event in the game.

Brawl Stars Events and How Do They Work

I wonder if we got to know what might be in the game in the coming days. No wonder the game keeps us updated all the time. But in case we miss the social posts or sometimes there are some leaks and rumors that we do not know about, this article will cover everything and anything that goes into the game. Besides, it will help to get a clear view of the game regarding the in and out of events.

Brawl Stars Pearl GuideBrawl Stars Pearl Guide
Image via Supercell

The new ranked season already started on the 4th of March 2024 with Brawl Pass started on the 7th. One of the recent events that concludes is the Brawl Like A Girl event.

  • Melodie: There is no confirmation on the release date but chances are high that the appearance will be in the last week of March 2024.
  • The second Brawl Pass will come in the first week of April.
  • Skadi Jessie: The upcoming skin for Jessie will be available from the 5th April to the 7th.
  • Norse Mythology gods Thor and Odin will be featured via Bibi and Cordelius. Both will be available from the 11th of April to the 14th.
  • Mecha Skins: The mecha-themed skins will come into the game on the 17th of April. Will remain available till the 20th.

3v3 Brawl Star events

  • Gem Grab: This event is about collecting ten gems. Both parties will try to complete the goal before their opponent does. There are a few brawlers that are the best for Gem Grab mode.
  • Brawl Ball: In the Brawl Ball mode, the first party to score two goals wins!
  • Bounty: As the name says, the first to get the highest bounty will win.
  • Siege: The goal is simple, defend your turrets and try to destroy the one your enemy owns at the same time.
  • Heist: In this Heist mode, both teams will try to fight and destroy the enemy team’s safe.
  • Hot Zone: There are a few hot zones on the map, capture them first before the enemy does.
  • Knockout: Though the name is Knockout, you will need to defeat the enemies without getting knocked out!

Special Events down the Trophy Road

  • Big Game: After you reach 800 trophies down the Trophy Road, this special event unlocks where 5 brawlers fight to defeat a boss controlled by a player.
  • Robo Rumble: This is a PvE Ticket event unlocked after collecting 300 trophies. Three brawlers will try to survive the waves of robots that are trying to destroy the safe place in the middle of the maze.
  • Boss Fight: The name is what the mode is. Similar to the Robo Rumble, this mode also unlocks after getting 300 trophies. This is where a boss comes up and he’s one hell of a kind that you’ll face many difficulties to take him down.

Other events

  • Showdown: This Showdown is a proper Mexican standoff but with 10 players. Well, this is more like a battle royale than a standoff. 10 players without any teams, all are solo and the task is to stay alive as the last one standing.
  • Duo Showdown: The same as the Showdown mode but this time with one player to give company. The last duo to standing.
  • Duels: A very exciting event where you face another in Duels. So, a proper 1v1 stance. Three brawlers to choose and after defeating one, another will come against.

Brawl Stars Esports events in 2024

Brawl Stars World Finals 2023Brawl Stars World Finals 2023
Image via Supercell

As the game is running regular and themed events, let’s take a look at what esports has got for us in 2024. This year, the game has decided to reshape the esports section and follow a new format for the ultimate showdown, the Brawl Stars World Finals 2024.

Along the way, all the teams from each corner of the world have to go through the Monthly qualifiers, then, the Last Chance Qualifiers, and the World Finals. Thus, the Brawl Stars World Championship 2024 has already begun.

The monthly qualifiers will held in these regions, from March to July 2024. The qualification for the Chinese Mainland has not been revealed yet.

  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • EMEA
  • Chinese Mainland

After these qualifiers, there will be two more events i.e. the Last Chance Qualifier, and the Bonus Season. The time and date will be announced later. The World Finals will take place between November- December 2024.

This is all for now. Whenever any new events or something happens in the game, I will update this Brawl Stars event guide so that you can keep track. While looking at the events, you can also check our other Brawl Stars articles.

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