Watcher of Realms Easter 2024 update brings back limited hero Captain Reve, exciting events, and more

The developers at MOONTON have announced that their game, Watcher of Realms, will be introducing a range of festivities to mark Easter 2024. These will encompass the unveiling of Limited hero Captain Reve alongside his fresh skin, various unexpected summoning occasions, the introduction of the thrilling new game mode Gear Dungeon, and the addition of special Easter stages brimming with generous rewards.

Captain Reve returns with power in the Watcher of Realms Easter 2024 update

Captain Reve, the hero with limited availability, is set to return this Easter! Renowned for his defensive prowess, he also brings significant damage output and potent control abilities. Don’t miss the chance to summon Captain Reve during the limited event running from March 29th to April 2nd.

Watcher of Realms Easter 2024 new challengeWatcher of Realms Easter 2024 new challenge
Image via MOONTON

Embark on the limited event raid, “Treasures in the Deep,” with a twist. Unlike its previous iteration launched in August 2023, the Watcher of Realms has introduced new stages to Challenge Mode in this revamped version. Take on the event stages for a chance to claim abundant rewards. A fresh adventure awaits exploration, with new treasures waiting to be uncovered.

Watcher of Realms presents 6 new gear sets in Gear Dungeon

Gear Dungeon is set to debut on March 27th. Players can experience the latest game mode featuring fresh Mythic Gear and Variant Gear. The periodical game mode will be available for a week, running from March 27th to April 2nd, allowing commanders to immerse themselves in the Gear Dungeon experience. Watcher of Realms will introduce six new gear sets into Gear Dungeon, each offering potent and unique buffs.

Players are encouraged to tackle this challenging game mode to acquire rare and formidable gear sets. Additionally, a novel type of gear known as Variant Gear will be introduced in Gear Dungeon, boasting an extra special attribute not found in other gear types. Players can obtain these innovative Variant Gears by defeating the Insatiable Bloodmistress within Gear Dungeon.

Celebrate the Easter 2024 update with exciting events in Watcher of Realms

To celebrate Easter, Watcher of Realms has announced the launch of what promises to be the most rewarding summoning event of 2024. Commanders will have the opportunity to experience a 2x Rates UP boost for all legendary heroes, along with a significant 15x Rates UP increase for three formidable heroes: Hex, Zilitu, and Razaak.

For the Easter Limited Summoning Event, the renowned hero Captain Reve will make a return appearance. With a drop rate of 15x, this presents an exceptional opportunity for commanders to obtain Captain Reve and enhance their forces. Additionally, there will be a special summoning event in honor of April Fools’ Day. Commanders can take advantage of a 15x Rates UP bonus for two legendary heroes from the Piercer Faction: Nyx and Apsan.

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