Brawl Stars revenue jumped to almost 9x and MAU to 2.4x in 2024 compared to last year

There is no stopping Supercell’s popular strategy title Brawl Stars as it is raking up highly impressive numbers in terms of revenue. In the recently held GDC talk, Supercell revealed that in 2024, Brawl Stars experienced a remarkable increase in revenue, nearly nine times higher than the previous year, along with a significant surge in Monthly Active Users (MAU), which more than doubled to 2.4 times the previous figure.

Brawl Stars’ user metrics get a significant leap, paralleling the massive growth in revenue

In the recently held Game Developers Conference, the annual conference for video game developers, Brawl Stars’ General Manager Frank Keienburg and Senior Game Designer Frank Yan discussed the Brawl team’s ongoing efforts to enhance the game’s health over recent years. Alongside, they also shared some insights on the game’s performance, which seems to have seen healthy growth.

Brawl Stars revenue MAU 2024Brawl Stars revenue MAU 2024
Image via Supercell on LinkedIn

In the revenue chart, we had revenue shown from 2022 to 2024, and the peak was seen in February 2024. Compared to the earnings in June 2023, Brawl Stars has climbed up a whopping 8.8 times more in February 2024, showcasing some impressive revenue growth.

Coming to users, Brawl Stars also saw a healthy rise in audience. The Daily Active Users (DAU) metric under the same period saw a 3.9-time increase, and from the 2024 chart, it is on a great push. Correspondingly, the Monthly Active Users (MAU) metric also saw a notable rise, with a 2.4-fold increase, reflecting the game’s growing popularity and appeal among players.

Brawl Stars with its events keeps the interest ongoing

I am not surprised by these numbers, given how Brawl Stars are actively participating with the community and keeping them engaged. They have been dishing out free rewards and fun campaigns such as the #100StarrDrops Community Event for fun. The $2 billion mark was also surpassed recently, so that explains Brawl Stars’ performance.

Brawl Stars #100StarrDrops EventBrawl Stars #100StarrDrops Event
Image via Supercell

The growth of Brawl Stars was also indicated in the recent blog penned by CEO Ilkka Paananen. Thanks to enhancements in content and features, Brawl Stars has solidified its position as Supercell’s largest game, as confirmed by its impressive player count, and if they continue with this, I see no case of them not ending 2024 on a high.

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