Galactic Frontier is a new sci-fi game announced by FunPlus at the Future Games Show 2024

FunPlus, a prominent independent game company, has announced at the Future Games Show 2024 its newest gaming project, Foundation: Galactic Frontier. This futuristic sci-fi game, developed through a strong partnership between FunPlus and Skydance, serves as a groundbreaking adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s renowned Foundation series, which has garnered the prestigious Hugo Award. The game is set within the expansive universe of Skydance Television’s Emmy®-nominated series, currently available for streaming on Apple TV+.

Foundation: Galactic Frontier launches players into thrilling Sci-Fi adventure

In Foundation: Galactic Frontier, players will engage in thrilling space battles set within an immersive narrative environment reminiscent of a captivating cinematic journey. This experience is crafted with the expertise of accomplished science fiction authors and game designers who have contributed to renowned franchises such as Fallout, Stargate, Star Atlas, and Star Wars.

Foundation Galactic FrontierFoundation Galactic Frontier
Image via FunPlus

Within the game, players assume the role of a trader maneuvering through various space factions, while also commanding a crew and fleet as a captain. They’ll embark on exploration missions, conquer challenges, and navigate the expansive galaxy. Foundation: Galactic Frontier promises to offer an accessible introduction to the cherished sci-fi saga, providing both newcomers and dedicated fans of the Foundation series with a fresh and electrifying space adventure unlike any other.

Chris Petrovic, the Chief Business Officer at FunPlus, expressed excitement about the upcoming game, stating that they are thrilled to introduce the immersive world of ‘Foundation’ to audiences. Their goal is to engage sci-fi enthusiasts and offer them a remarkable experience that fully immerses them in the renowned universe. Petrovic believes that Foundation: Galactic Frontier will redefine the genre and deliver an unprecedented gaming experience.

Foundation: Galactic Frontier was announced for both mobile and PC platforms, with its inaugural Closed Beta Test scheduled to commence on mobile devices later this year. In honor of this milestone, the game will hold a pre-registration event, offering players the chance to obtain special rewards.

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