Play Together announces the Spring 2024 update with exciting new content

The game company HAEGIN has revealed that the mobile casual social network game Play Together is experiencing the arrival of springtime with the Spring 2024 update.

Kaia Island’s Fox Workshop unveils spring treasures in Play Together

The establishment known as The Fox Workshop has opened its doors, offering players an opportunity to obtain a range of spring-inspired items while immersing themselves in the vibrant spring atmosphere of Kaia Island, where cherry blossoms adorn the landscape.

At The Fox Workshop, players can procure items like Cherry Blossom Bait, Cherry Blossom Furniture, and more. Of particular interest is the exclusive Fox Potion, which grants players the chance to encounter a coveted Giant Fox Pet upon usage.

To craft spring-themed items, players must gather Cherry Blossom Flowers scattered across Kaia Island. Additionally, players can assist the NPC “Rena,” situated in the Plaza area, in filling her sketchbook with intricate drawings to earn points. These points can then be exchanged with the Fox Merchant for a variety of spring-themed wares.

Play Together Spring 2024 update brings exciting rewards

Meanwhile, a photo competition has been organized around the theme of enjoying moments during the cherry blossom season. Participants are encouraged to capture and submit snapshots of joyful times spent with friends amidst the cherry blossoms. These entries will be voted on by other participants, with the winning entry earning a reward once a certain score threshold is achieved.

Play Together Spring 2024Play Together Spring 2024
Image via HAEGIN

In addition to the photo contest, there are other attractions to be enjoyed, such as the discovery of the “Fox Egg” beneath a cherry blossom tree in the Plaza area. Furthermore, players can look forward to encountering the elusive Cherry Blossom Fish, which can only be caught during the spring season.

Moreover, “Play Together” has arranged an event where players can accumulate various rewards, including the “Fox Egg” and the “Cherry Blossom Pattern Cap,” simply by logging in daily to mark their attendance in celebration of the spring update.

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