SkateFish is a new skateboarding game set to release for Android and iOS on March 28, 2024

SkateFish from Whitehorn Games is set to make a splash in the mobile gaming world as it is set to release for Android and iOS platforms on March 28th, 2024, combining the thrill of skateboarding with the tranquility of fishing. This unique mashup allows players to dive into a serene yet exhilarating experience, where they can customize their skateboard, fishing rod, and character before hitting the relaxing environments that await.

In this chilled-out fishing game, each level presents a new challenge with different species of fish to catch and obstacles to navigate through on your skateboard. Your skating skills will be put to the test as you weave through obstacles and perform tricks to impress – because in Skate Fish, the better you skate, the more fish you’ll reel in.

SkateFish is an exciting fusion of skateboarding and fishing

The game’s controls are designed for easy handling, with a two-finger touch system reminiscent of finger decks, those miniature skateboards manipulated with two digits. Using this intuitive control scheme, players can execute flips, grind ledges, and pull off other impressive boarding tricks with ease.

Accessibility is a key focus for the developers, who have promised multiple features to ensure everyone can enjoy the game. This includes separate adjustable audio channels for sound effects and ambient sounds, catering to individual preferences and needs.

SkateFish gameplaySkateFish gameplay
Image via Whitethorn Games

Skate Fish invites players to immerse themselves in its seven serene environments, where they’ll encounter fellow fishermen and women eager to share tips and tricks. Interacting with these characters not only adds depth to the game but also provides valuable insights to help improve your fishing skills and reel in a variety of aquatic creatures, from bass to carp and beyond.

Beyond its innovative blend of skateboarding and fishing gameplay, Skate Fish carries a deeper message by supporting wildlife preservation efforts. Unlike traditional fishing games focused on catching fish for sustenance, Skate Fish takes a different approach. Instead of angling for food, players collect specimens to populate an aquarium, promoting appreciation and enjoyment of aquatic life.

Mark your calendars for March 28th when Skate Fish launches on both the App Store and Google Play. It’s not just a game; it’s a journey where conservation meets recreation, offering players a unique and meaningful gaming experience unlike any other.

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