Microsoft, Meta, and X oppose Apple to stand with Epic over court ruling

Tech giants Microsoft, Meta, X, and Match join Epic Games to take a stand against the anti-steering practices of Apple. In a recent amicus brief, the tech giants pointed at Apple’s non-compliance with the court’s ruling in 2021. The brief is in favor of Epic in its ongoing battle against Apple.

Apple’s non-compliance with the 2021 ruling lead the companies to join hands with Epic

In 2021, California federal judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled in favor of Epic in the dispute vs Apple. The ruling said that Apple should not restrict developers from using “buttons, external links, or other calls to action” methods to complete their payments. As it would cause Apple to lose its 15 to 30 percent fees on in-app purchases. The company said that it was “reasonable” as developers use their App Store service to deliver the apps to the customers.

This affected the app developers badly as they could not provide services at a lower price even if they wanted to. Rather, they had to go through Apple’s payment system which Apple controls completely.

Notice of compliance with UCL injunction in Epic vs AppleNotice of compliance with UCL injunction in Epic vs Apple
Image via District Court, N.D. California

However, the companies opposed the rule implemented by Apple, saying the proposal of letting the developers point to an external purchase link will increase difficulties and they’ve been subject to Apple’s rule. Thus, Microsoft, Meta, X, and Match took themselves as joinder of Epic (amicus brief) in the legal suit.

Apple’s new restrictions are plainly designed to render alternatives to Apple’s IAP impractical for developers, and inaccessible and unappealing to consumers, thus circumventing both the spirit and underlying goals of the injunction,” the companies wrote in their brief.

Tech giants join Epic Games, saying Apple’s policy is affecting all

The giants are also being subject to Apple’s dictatorship in setting their App Store policy. So they asked the judge to enforce the original ruling that was delivered in 2021.

Meta, being one of the affected bodies, said that it has to pay in-app purchase fees to Apple for products that have the feature which increases the costs for both the users and them. But if the company could take the users to its payment options, the cost would become severely low.

In a chat with The Verge, Apple spokesperson Fred Sainz said that Apple is complying with the court’s ruling. The case filing said Epic never disputed Apple’s policy regarding protecting user privacy and security.

Tech giants join Epic Games in fight against AppleTech giants join Epic Games in fight against Apple
Image via Epic Games

Epic Games announced the Games Store to come into mobile devices at GDC 2024. It is also in the zone to fall under the rules of Apple if not countered as Apple regulates the in-app purchases by any available app in its App Store.

The necessity for a suit was mandatory and realizing this, the giants Microsoft, Meta, and X opposed Apple joining Epic over the court ruling. A new hearing will take place on the 30th of April 2024 on Epic’s latest filing. Apple can file a response before.

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