Chronicles x Slayers TRY collaboration brings new in-game content and rewards

Com2uS, a prominent global game developer and publisher, has unveiled a fresh update for the role-playing game Summoners War: Chronicles in collaboration with the ’90s anime, Slayers TRY. In this exclusive collaboration, iconic Slayers TRY characters including Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis, Amelia, and Xellos will debut as Monsters, accompanied by a special quest scenario, an exclusive dungeon, and a range of in-game events.

Each collaboration character boasts two attributes and a battle concept that faithfully preserves their original traits. Monsters with light or dark attributes can be obtained by reaching the maximum level with each character’s affinity. Lina, Gourry, and Zelgadis will be available starting March 21, while Amelia and Xellos will be introduced on April 4.

Summoners War: Chronicles will feature iconic Slayers TRY characters as a part of this collaboration

New Characters: Lina, Gourry, and Zelgadis Amelia and Xellos

The Genius Mage Lina wields fire and dark attributes, Gourry possesses water and light attributes, and Zelgadis commands wind and dark attributes. Lina specializes in diverse magic for long and short-range attacks, Gourry employs close combat with a sword, and can also utilize the sword of light for ranged attacks.

Saillune’s shaman Amelia boasts wind and light attributes, while the enigmatic priest Xellos harnesses water and dark attributes.

Summoners War: Chronicles Slayers TRY collaborationSummoners War: Chronicles Slayers TRY collaboration
Image via Com2us

Quest Scenario and Special Dungeon

Embark on a collaboration quest scenario and delve into a special dungeon named Heretic’s Underground Shrine. This event quest explores Lina and her friends’ arrival in the world of Summoners War: Chronicles, offering players the chance to explore Heretic’s Underground Shrine upon completion.

In-Game Events

A pickup summon event running until May 2nd allows players to encounter the ‘Slayers TRY’ characters. Additionally, a 21-day check-in event offers rewards based on the accumulated amount of event goods. Players can also earn more rewards by completing 5 missions for each collaboration character.

This update coincides with Summoners War: Chronicles’ 1-year anniversary, during which it has achieved remarkable success. The game has ranked among the top 5 in global sales on Steam, the top 10 in sales in 13 regions of the Apple App Store, and the top 10 in sales in 10 regions of the Google Play Store. Over the past year, Summoners War: Chronicles has consistently expanded its world through regular updates, including the Kontana and Sierra expansions, enriching the gameplay experience for players.

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