Eggy Party announces over 100 million User-Generated Maps at GDC 2024

During GDC 2024, NetEase Games announced that Eggy Party, their multiplayer mobile party game, has surpassed 100 million user-generated maps. Eggy Party, a frenetic multiplayer title available for Android and iOS devices, features charming Eggies engaging in intense minigames, with the ultimate survivor crowned as the winner. The game also places a significant emphasis on creativity, allowing players to design and distribute their maps within the community.

Eggy Party has hit a staggering milestone with 100 million User-Generated Maps

During a special presentation at the GDC 2024 conference entitled “Simplicity and Enjoyment – Exploring Creative Ideation Through User-generated Content,” Kwan Cheng, Eggy Party Producer and General Manager of Eggy Studio, alongside Tony Liu, Brand Marketing North America for Eggy Party, delved into the methods through which their game garnered a substantial following via user-generated content, boasting over 100 million maps created thus far.

Eggy Party GDC2024 announcementEggy Party GDC2024 announcement
Image via NetEase

In their session, Cheng and Liu highlighted Eggy Party’s commitment to user-generated content, attributing its success to the user-friendly nature of the game’s creative editor. The utilization of tools like the “Egg Code” and AIGC simplifies the process of generating Eggy Party content, complemented by algorithmic suggestions tailored to individual player preferences, facilitating familiarity with preferred styles.

Remarkably, 60% of Eggy Party players actively participate in content creation, bolstered by the game’s creator incentive initiative, where players receive rewards for their contributions and opportunities to showcase their work to a wider audience.

Eggy Party unveils exciting future plans for User-Generated Content

After an early access phase in 2023, Eggy Party was officially launched in 2024, boasting an impressive user base of over 40 million daily active users in China as of February 9, 2024. Additionally, it garnered over 100 million monthly active users and featured user-generated playground maps, accumulating a user base of 500 million since December 8, 2023.

Following its tremendous success in China, Eggy Party expanded its reach to Southeast Asia, where it quickly climbed the ranks on the Google Play free charts in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Notably, Eggy Party dominated Indonesia’s free charts for a month, marking the first time a NetEase title achieved such a feat in the region.

Eggy Party GDC 2024Eggy Party GDC 2024
Image via NetEase

Eggy Party’s launch has been nothing short of remarkable. Players are currently immersed in the futuristic spectacle of the Moonglow Fest event, which introduced new modes and interstellar costumes to the game.

The future looks promising for Eggy Party, with plans for enhanced user-generated content support underway. This includes dedicated creation tutorials, regular community creation events, and a creator incentive program to maintain quality. Additionally, the upcoming Mysteries Galore season promises a new crossover event to keep players engaged.

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