M5 World Champions AP Bren has officially confirmed Brody for the M5 Champion Skin

M5 World Champions AP Bren officially confirms Brody as their selected hero for collaborative M5 Champion Skin design with international gaming developer and publisher, MOONTON Games. The team has been granted the opportunity to collaborate with the maker of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as one of the rewards for emerging victorious in the world’s largest MLBB tournament held in the Philippines in December 2023.

MOONTON Games and AP Bren will work together on M5 Champion Skin design

Jab Escutin, AP Bren Director, expresses that Brody has significantly contributed to their achievements in the M5 series. This character has consistently supported their team and played a pivotal role in preserving the PH era of MLBB. The team desires Brody to symbolize their success within the game, and they invite their fans to participate in this success by acquiring the skin and relishing it.

M5 Champion Skin Final MVPM5 Champion Skin Final MVP
Image via MOONTON Games

MOONTON Games offers David “FlapTzy” Canon the chance to collaborate on the design of Paquito’s #M5FMVPSkin, recognizing him as the M5 World Championship’s Finals MVP. Paquito, inspired by the legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao, serves as an MLBB hero. Discussions between MOONTON Games and AP Bren are underway to finalize the details of the commemorative in-game skins, set to be released in September 2024. Additional activities leading up to the launch will be revealed soon.\

The veteran EXP laner expressed their gratitude, stating that receiving the first FMVP skin in MLBB’s history as the initial M series MVP was a tremendous honor. They explained their affinity for Paquito, attributing it to the character’s reflection of their own playing style. Describing Paquito as both aggressively protective of teammates and intensely focused on achieving team objectives, they highlighted the resonance between the hero’s traits and their personality.

AP.Bren is the champion of the Mobile Legends M5 World Championship coverAP.Bren is the champion of the Mobile Legends M5 World Championship cover
Image via MOONTON Games

In 2019, EVOS Legends from Indonesia selected Harith for an exclusive M Champion skin. Meanwhile, Bren Esports from the Philippines opted for Lancelot, and Blacklist International crafted Estes after their victories in M2 and M3, respectively. Last year, ECHO collaborated on a skin for Chou, marking the first fighter hero to receive a skin design from a world champion team.

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