Children of the Light announces the return of the Days of Bloom event

In the social adventure game Sky: Children of the Light, the captivating “Days of Bloom” event is making a comeback from March 25 to April 14, marking a celebration of the game’s splendor and the revival of spring. Over three weeks, players have the opportunity to journey through Sky’s most untamed terrains, where revitalizing rain and vibrant lightning storms will bring forth a plethora of colorful flowers, adorning the world with breathtaking landscapes for everyone to relish.

Sky: Children of the Light embraces serenity in daylight Prairie’s Days of Bloom

In Prairie Peaks, a serene spot nestled within Daylight Prairie, rain descends in the initial week of the “Days of Bloom,” giving way to clear skies in the ensuing two weeks. Following the rain, sun-kissed Sky inhabitants can absorb the tranquil vistas by participating in a meditation circle near the Bloom Guide. Here, they can transform into jellyfish and unite with hundreds of fellow Sky denizens, courtesy of thatgamecompany’s pioneering Festival Tech.

Together, they explore landscapes ranging from the riverbeds to the clouds’ fringes. Moreover, numerous picturesque sites have reappeared in Sky, including the grand pink tree of Home, where both novice and seasoned players congregate to witness its blossoms bloom and fade. Likewise, the dunes of Forgotten Ark burst forth with life anew, adorned in a kaleidoscope of wildflowers.

Collect event currency for exclusive collectibles in Sky: Children of the Light Days of Bloom event

In the enchanting realms of Sky: Children of the Light, players are embarking on another charming event known as “Days of Bloom.” Sky kids are actively participating, aiming to collect event currency over three weeks. This currency can be redeemed for themed collectibles, such as the arum petal cape, arum petal hair, spiky spring hair, and a lilypad umbrella.

During the first week of the event, four flower-shaped event currencies are scattered throughout Prairie Peaks. However, the fifth and final event currency poses a unique challenge: it can only appear after players’ avatars venture into the middle of a storm and are struck by lightning. As clear skies arrive in the final two weeks of the event, all five event currencies can be found in various spots around the area.

As they explore this mesmerizing world, Sky kids will forge emotional bonds with fellow players, expressing themselves through personalized avatars and sharing stories through the game’s vast universe.

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