MIR4 reveals its new PVP war content Valley of Life and Death with a new world boss, events, and more

Today the MMORPG MIR4 by Wemade introduced a fresh war feature named “Valley of Life and Death.” This content operates as a team-based PvP and follows a seasonal format.

Level up your PVP skills in Valley of Life and Death seasonal battles

In the Valley of Life and Death, a large-scale team PVP event operates in seasonal cycles, commencing every two weeks and lasting for a week. Each team comprises five players controlling characters at Level 100 or higher. Ten teams compete to vanquish monsters or opposing teams within a designated timeframe. Notably, all participants enter the fray with identical stats and abilities, leveling the playing field.

Following each season, the top 2,000 performers are rewarded with the “Wu Yeogi TE Box,” while the top five players secure the “[E] Gold Goblin” prize. Additionally, all contenders receive the “Soulguiding Badge,” with the standout player in a single match earning the title of MVP.

Drakazan joins the domination server in the latest MIR4 update

In this update, the inclusion of the World Boss “Drakazan,” also known as the “Blackhorn Winged Drakin,” on the Domination Server is highlighted. Drakazan presents large-scale PVE and PVP challenges where elite players from all servers converge to either collaborate or engage in combat. This formidable entity emerges once a week on a random weekday within the Black Dragon Abaddon, accessible via Black Dragon Valley 4F. Any character entering the Domination Server is eligible to join the fray against this imposing foe.

Emerging victorious in the intense confrontation with Drakazan yields substantial rewards, comprising sixty dropped items, including boxes of Legendary-grade loot. Within these boxes lie a plethora of rewards, such as the esteemed “[L] Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone” and the coveted “Legendary Magic Stone.”

MIR4 celebrates Valley of Life and Death content update with exciting new events

In celebrating the “Valley of Life and Death” update, MIR4 initiates the event “Awaken! Book of Secrets II”. Additionally, it launches “Osher’s Miraculous Fortune” event, which boosts “Solitude Training” tiers and “Potential” stages, along with “Tome’s 7-Day Check-in II” event, offering the “Dragon Material Summon Ticket Selection Box”.

MIR4 Game MMORPG GuideMIR4 Game MMORPG Guide
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Moreover, the “Ruler of the Valley of Life and Death” event is accessible from Monday, March 25 to Sunday, March 31. The top 200 players, based on total scores, are rewarded according to their ranks with items including “[E] Noirsoul Herb” and “Yellow Dragon’s Surprise Gift Box” containing “Dragon Material Summon Ticket”, “Legendary Blue Dragon Statue”, and more.

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