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The most anticipated and biggest esports event for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is announced by KRAFTON with a massive prize pool again. Talking about the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA SERIES (BGIS) 2024, the event is scheduled to kick off in April 2024 with the qualifier round named The Grind. After the long qualification phase and battle among the best teams in India, the event will conclude on the 30th of June.

BGIS 2024: Schedule and Format

As per the announcement, the starting phase of this event will be the Grind. Starting on the 4th of April, the 256 invited teams will join in the Grind. On the other hand, 1024 teams from the online qualifiers will join in the first round.

Divided into 64 groups of 16 teams will fight and the top 7 from each group along with the top 32 of the remaining teams will qualify for the next round. From round 2 of this event, the teams as per their placement in the Grind will join the qualified teams.

After 4 rounds of fighting, there will be a Wildcard Entry stage, semifinals stages 1 and 2, and then the Grand Finals. The top 16 remaining teams will fight in 6 matches per day for 3 days. After the end of the total 18 matches, the team with the highest points by its name will be declared as the champion of the event.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 champion Gladiators Esports coverBattlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 champion Gladiators Esports cover
Image via KRAFTON
Phase Dates
The Grind 4th April – 28th April
BGIS 2024 2nd May – 26th May
Wildcard Entry 30th May – 2nd June
Semi-Finals Week 1 4th June – 9th June
Semi-Finals Week 2 13th June – 16th June
BGIS Grand Finals 28th June – 30th June


The very first step, the Grind, will invite 256 teams and be divided into 16 groups. In two weeks, each group will play 3 matches. Later, the teams will be reshuffled and 16 groups will be created to play another 3 matches in week 2. The Top 64 teams based on the overall rankings of the 4 weeks will qualify for the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA SERIES (BGIS) 2024 in the following rounds.

1st –16th BGIS Round 4
17th – 32nd BGIS Round 3
33rd – 64th BGIS Round 2

Participant Teams

We’ll update the teams that are qualified for the Grand Finals. Till then, keep following the article.

Prize Pool

BGIS 2023 Grand Finals Day 3BGIS 2023 Grand Finals Day 3
Image via KRAFTON

Following the previous edition, this event will also feature a whopping INR 2 crore. as the prize pool. Based on the teams’ performance at the event, they will be rewarded. However, a slight decrease is seen in the prize pool for the top teams while the overall amount remains the same. Here is a breakdown of the allocation of the prize pool.

The Champion ₹6,000,000 ($72,500)
Runner-up ₹3,000,000 ($36,500)
3rd ₹2,000,000 ($24,500)
4th ₹1,500,000 ($18,500)
5th ₹1,250,000 ($15,100)
6th ₹1,000,000 ($12,100)
7th ₹900,000 ($11,000)
8th ₹800,000 ($10,000)
9th-10th ₹600,000 ($7,500)
11th-12th ₹400,000 ($5,000)
13th-16th ₹250,000 ($3,000)

Apart from these overall prizes, the event will allocate a handsome amount for the best performers in several categories.

AWARD PRIZE (approx. in USD)
MVP of BGIS ₹250,000 ($3,100)
Most Finishes ₹100,000 ($1,250)
Lone Survivor ₹100,000 ($1,250)
Rampage ₹100,000 ($1,250)

Where to watch BGIS 2024

The previous edition of BGIS in 2023 was full of surprises. Chemin Esports won the Grind while Gladiators Esports became the champion to pocket ₹7,500,000 (almost $90,500). On the other hand, controversy was raised as Stalwart Esports was banned due to a violation of fair play rules.

Fans can catch the event live, starting from the Grind, on KRAFTON INDIA ESPORTS YouTube channel, every day at 4 PM IST. For more details on the BGIS 2024, click here to visit the official website.

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