Balatro is a roguelike poker game coming to iOS devices soon

Video game developer LocalThunk has confirmed that his latest title Balatro is coming to iOS devices soon. As the title is getting massive attention, the developer didn’t take any time to come up with the announcement. However, the game’s developer LocalThunk, or even the publisher Playstack didn’t disclose anything regarding the possible release date.

Balatro is coming to iOS, the Android version may follow at a later date

The news first surfaced on iMore just a few days after its release on PC and consoles. So, the mobile port of the game was confirmed by the publisher. In a recent Reddit AMA with developer LocalThunk, he was asked if the game is going to come to Android and iOS.

Playstack answered the question and said, “We are currently working on the mobile version, yes. If we have any new announcement around this we’ll post it on our Discord and Twitter.”

Balatro iOS gameplayBalatro iOS gameplay
Image via LocalThunk

So far, the iOS port is confirmed to come in hands. However, there is no confirmation if the game will break into the Android platform as well. As we hope it does, the dates may vary and we’ll get an update, of course.

Balatro will go beyond the existing game, a potential hint for a sequel

Most of the information came up in LocalThunk’s interview with iMore. Apart from the adaptation on iOS, the developer also talked about the future of the title. The current version is only running a demo for now and has a lot of space to renovate. LocalThunk shared his vision of the game ahead and said he would further develop Balatro beyond the existing game. Though we don’t know what kind of development he said, we do know that he’s not going to make Balatro a fancy one filled with weird mechanics. Rather, we will get to watch new and interesting designs and features.

Balatro has recently released a Mac port and the developer is working all alone behind each screen adaptation. For those who do not know what Balatro is, it is a deck-building roguelike that does not follow the mainstream game rules. You will discover game-changing jokers, and trigger adrenaline-pumping, outrageous combos in this pixel art title. The game was released in February 2024. Only after a few days of its release, the title was sold over a million copies and marks the groundbreaking record.

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