RuneScape brings the Easter 2024 Blooming Burrow Update with new quests, rewards, and more

Jagex expresses excitement as they usher in the arrival of spring with a fresh Easter 2024-themed update for RuneScape, now accessible in-game. Players can delve into the Blooming Burrow until April 8th, where they can embark on three weeks filled with chocolate-centered challenges and delightful rewards.

Discover Gielinor’s Chocolate Quest with the Easter Bunny in RuneScape

Players are invited to join the Easter Bunny and his family as they journey into a chocolate-filled adventure called ‘Great Egg-Spectations.’ Together, they embark on a mission across Gielinor, seeking to discover, concoct, and evaluate the ultimate chocolate egg recipe. Additionally, players can enjoy uncovering new Easter surprises in the Hunt for the Golden Egg, with opportunities to win rewards through daily and weekly Egg Hunt challenges.

RuneScape Easter 2024 updateRuneScape Easter 2024 update
Image via Jagex

Dive into the all-new Easter Hub in RuneScape Easter 2024 update

Following a day filled with quests, adventurers embark on an exploration of the latest Easter Hub – the Blooming Burrow. Here, they engage in fresh skilling tasks such as extracting chocolate rocks through mining and pursuing chocolate bunnies, relishing in the rewards of their efforts, which include both novel and timeless treasures. Tailored for players of all levels, this seasonal refresh infuses a new dimension into the traditional RuneScape experience, all while honoring the delectable world of chocolate. Blooming Burrow Includes:

  • A brand new quest in Gielinor featuring the adorable Easter Bunny in a mission to craft and perfect the most scrumptious of chocolate recipes. 
  • A variety of solo or group activities inside the new Blooming Burrow hub, including mining chocolate rocks, smithing chocolate foil, or working together on a factory line to mix, mould, and create delicious new chocolate inventions.
  • Returning rewards from previous seasonal updates, with Gummy Bunnie’s ‘Grand Eggs-Change.’ Spend Spring Tokens to unlock Easter-themed goodies, including 2023’s fan-favorite Skill Pet Bunny.

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