Zenless Zone Zero opens sign-ups for its 3rd closed beta test titled Amplifying Test

The global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse has declared the commencement of sign-ups for the upcoming closed beta test phase of its highly anticipated urban fantasy action RPG, Zenless Zone Zero, across PC, iOS, and Android platforms. Dubbed the Amplifying Test, this forthcoming beta will unveil substantial enhancements to both combat and Hollow exploration mechanisms, aimed at refining their overall fluidity and rhythm. Additionally, it will unveil a fresh character, a novel faction, innovative Bangboo mechanics, the combat challenge titled Shiyu Defense, and various other additions.

This is the 3rd time HoYoverse is opening its beta test (possibly the last one before the global launch later this year) for Zenless Zone Zero after the first beta in July 202 and the second beta test in November 2023. And we have already shared our first impressions as part of the exclusive media preview.

Explore new Eridu’s mysteries in Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero introduces a fresh urban fantasy intellectual property crafted by HoYoverse. Within this post-apocalyptic narrative, the remnants of modern society succumb to a supernatural catastrophe dubbed the Hollows.

Zenless Zone Zero dodgeZenless Zone Zero dodge
Image via HoYoverse

Against this dire backdrop, New Eridu emerges as a beacon of resilience, standing as the final stronghold of civilization. Players assume the role of a Proxy, tasked with confronting enigmatic adversaries and uncovering the secrets veiled within the depths of New Eridu.

New character, faction, and combat techniques unveiled in Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying Test

The Amplifying Test is set to introduce a fresh character, Zhu Yuan, and a novel faction — the New Eridu Public Security’s Criminal Investigation Special Response Team. The most recent Bangboo models are en route to the battleground, equipped with their freshly crafted combat technique — the Bangboo chain attacks.

Additionally, players will have access to the combat challenge named Shiyu Defense and a series of combat missions via the upgraded Hollow Deep Dive System (HDD). This refined system allows players to delve straight into challenging boss battles without any intermediary steps.

How to participate in the Zenless Zone Zero closed beta test

The forthcoming closed beta test is poised to bring significant enhancements to the overall gameplay experience of the game. Thanks to the latest upgrade of the HDD System, players can navigate the Hollows more efficiently using the TV Wall (also known as the Hollow Board), which has undergone considerable optimization.

Following several iterations, combat design now boasts increased dynamism, intensifying excitement for both novices and seasoned players, particularly in Rally Missions and Hollow Zero. Lastly, New Eridu offers an array of urban life events and city guidance to furnish its “citizens” with an immersive residential experience. Players can join the Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying Test from the official website.

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