Mobile Legends Project Next 2024 Update brings new Items along with some revamped ones

Mobile Legends has started to work on the Project Next 2024 update with the introduction of some new items or equipment in the Advanced Server. The devs also introduced some revamped items, even including merged item builds. These newly introduced items are geared at fixing imbalances in the game whilst further making it enjoyable for players.

Mobile Legends Project Next 2024 Update: New Items

All in all, the latest Advanced Server Patch Update introduced numerous new items, as well as adjustments made to existing in-game Item builds. All of the newly introduced Items are stated as follows:

Sky Piercer

This is a newly introduced equipment that would help to easily finish up enemy targets. Its low HP execute attribute makes it a very viable tool for assassins and burst damage heroes. Its attributes are as follows:

  • 60+ Physical Attack
  • 20+ Movement Speed
  • Price: 1500 Gold

Unique Passive- Lethality

After dealing damage to an enemy hero, execute the hero if their HP is lower than 5%. Gain 10 stacks of Lethality for each kill and lose 8 stacks for each death. Each stack for Lethality increases the HP threshold of the execute effect by 0.1%, stacking up to 70 times.

Malefic Gun

This is another intriguing new item that helps increase attack range, thus making it a viable item for heroes like Layla.

  • 30+ Physical Attack
  • 20%+ Attack Speed
  • 15% Critical Chance

Active Skill- Malefic

The skill increases the Basic Attack range by 15% for 2s. Duration resets each time Basic Attacks hit an enemy hero. The effect has a 70s cooldown

Unique Passive- Zeal

Basic attacks grant 10% movement speed for 1s.

Pandora’s Box

This item is quite powerful as it continually deals true damage which makes it a viable equipment for heroes like Cecilion, Natan, Cyclops etc.

  • 70+ magic Power
  • 10%+ Cooldown reduction
  • Price: 1850 Gold

Unique Passive- Seeker

For every 300 Magic damage dealt to an enemy hero, a projectile is launched at the enemy hero, dealing True damage equal to 1% of their max HP

New Glowing Wand

This new item results from the merging of Glowing Wand and Necklace of Durance. This provides extra burn and Regen reduction when dealing damage to enemy targets.

  • 75+ Magic Power
  • 400+ HP
  • 5%+ Movement Speed
  • Price: 2150 Gold

Unique Passive- Scorch

Burn targets for 3s, dealing Magic Damage equal to 1.5% of the target’s Max HP per second.

Unique Passive- Lifebane

Dealing damage to a target will reduce the Shield and HP Regen effects on them to 50% of normal for 3s.

New Queen’s Wings

This item is formed from the combination of the previous Queen’s wings and Bloodlust axe to form an all-in-one item. the new item also now has a more useful passive as the bonus shield can be a lifesaver.

  • 40+ Adaptive Attack
  • 600+ HP
  • 10%+ Cooldown Reduction
  • 15%+ Spell Vamp

Unique Passive – Demonize

When HP drops below 40%, it gains a 600-2000 Shield and reduces the Skill cooldown by 2s. The effect has a 60s cooldown.

Revamped Thunderbelt

Mobile Legends Project Next 2024 Update new itemsMobile Legends Project Next 2024 Update new items
Image via MOONTON Games

This new item is more versatile as it can now give both physical and magic defence.

  • 800+ HP
  • 20+ Physical Defense
  • 20+ Magic Defense
  • 20+ Movement Speed
  • Price: 1820 Gold

Unique Passive: Thunderbolt

Every 4s, the next Basic attack deals 50+ 100% Physical Defense +100% Magic Defense True Damage to the target and enemies around them, and briefly slows them by 99%. Hybrid defence permanently increases by 1 each time the attack hits an enemy hero.

Twilight Armor

This newly adjusted Twilight Armor would now be able to effectively counter burst physical defence and even True damage.

  • 1200+ HP
  • 20+ Physical Defense
  • Price: 2100 Gold

Unique Passive – Twilight

Upon taking more than 800 damage in a single instance, the excess damage beyond that amount is reduced by (0.4% of Max HP) % without cooldown (applies to enemy damage only)

Clock of Destiny

This newly reworked item is now a viable choice for tanky magic damage heroes like Alice and Hylos etc. as it now grants extra hybrid defense

  • 45+ Magic Power
  • 400+ HP
  • 800+ Mana
  • Price: 1950 Gold

Unique Passive – Destiny

The skill gains 5-12 Hybrid Defense each time dealing Magic Damage, stacking up to 6 times (can gain 1 stack every 0.4s)

Unique Passive – Gift

Regenerates 20% Max HP and Mana over 2s after Levelling up

Expert Gloves

It’s a new Small item geared at buffing the adaptive attacks for adaptive equipment. It buffs builds like Sky Piercer, Winter Crown, Fleeting Time and Queen’s Wings.

Mobile Legends Project Next 2024 Update: Other Item Adjustments

Other items in the Project NEXT 2024 Update have also been revamped and worked on a little throughout these months. If you want to know more about the other items in Mobile Legends, refer to our Equipment guide in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice is now balanced to counter further Fighters and Maksmen that rely on Attack speed.

Unique Passive-Artic Cold

Triggering Condition: Trigger against nearby enemy heroes >> Trigger against attackers upon taking damage

  • Attack speed Reduction: 70% >> 80%

Unique Passive- Lifebane

  • Triggering Condition: Trigger against nearby enemy Heroes>>> Trigger against attackers upon taking damage.

Black Ice Shield

Unique Passive- Artic Cold

  • Triggering Condition: Trigger against nearby enemy heroes>>> Trigger against attackers upon taking damage
  • Attack Speed Reduction: 85% >>> 90%

Fleeting Time

  • +30% Adaptive Attack
  • +600 HP
  • +15% Cooldown Reduction

Unique Passive – Timestream

Hero kills or assists reduce the Ultimate’s current cooldown by 30%

Winter Crown

This is the newly revamped Winter Truncheon

  • +60 Adaptive Attack
  • +400 HP
  • +5% Cooldown Reduction

Active Skill – Frozen

The skill becomes unable to move or attack but immune to damage and control effects for 2s (100s cooldown).

Blood Wings

  • +90 Magic Power
  • Price: 2100 Gold

Unique Passive-Guard

Gains a (800 + 100 % Total Magic Power) Shield that will regenerate 30s after being damaged. The shield also grants 30 Movement Speed while it lasts and 150 Movement Speed for 1s after it breaks.

Holy Crystal

  • +185 Magic Power
  • Price: 3000 Gold

Unique Passive- Mystery

The skill gains 21-35% extra Magic Power (scales with level).

Ogre Tomahawk

This sub-item of Endless Battle would get adjusted stats including a removed passive and lowered price costs.

  • 25 Physical Attack
  • 650 Gold

Thus, Endless Battle would have the following attributes:

  • 60 Physical Attack
  • Price: 2330 Gold

War Axe

The item has added Ogre Tomahawk to it’s Build path

Blade of the Heptaseas

The item has added Ogre Tomahawk to its Build path.


Judging by the perks, this new equipment sure proves to be very powerful as it’s now more capable of taking down enemy targets. Even though the equipment is still being tested, players should be rest assured that some powerful item builds are coming!

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What are your thoughts on the newly added items and revamped items in the Mobile Legends Project Next 2024 Update? Tell us in the comments below!

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