Chronicles celebrates its 1-year global anniversary with all-new mini-games, dungeons, and more

Com2uS, a prominent online global game developer and publisher known for the Summoners War franchise, marks the 1-year global anniversary of Summoners War: Chronicles, a popular action RPG. They introduce fresh mini-games, difficult dungeons, and diverse rewards for players. Additionally, five characters from the renowned ’90s anime Slayers TRY join the game, assisting Summoners as they strive to rescue the Rahil Kingdom.

Summoners War: Chronicles unveils epic tale in Rahil Kingdom, prequel to Sky Arena and Lost Centuria

In commemoration of its 1-year global anniversary, players are introduced to a fresh mini-game mode titled “Kota’s Adventure” within Summoners War: Chronicles, showcasing the endearing raccoon-like NPC, Kota. By completing quests, stages, and missions, players can acquire both special event currencies and regular currencies. Furthermore, eight event dungeons are now accessible, promising a plethora of novel adventures.

Summoners War Chronicles 1st year anniversary outfitsSummoners War Chronicles 1st year anniversary outfits
Image via Com2uS

Summoners War: Chronicles initiates its tale long preceding the events depicted in the existing titles Summoners War: Sky Arena and Summoners War: Lost Centuria. Unfolding within the Rahil Kingdom, a fantastical realm yearning for tranquility following two devastating wars, the narrative unfolds as a mysterious adversary surface with nefarious intentions. Throughout the past year, the game has undergone substantial expansion, incorporating a myriad of quality-of-life enhancements, balance adjustments, dungeons, raids, new Monsters and Summoners, and various other enrichments.

Summoners War: Chronicles celebrates 1-Year anniversary with Slayers TRY collaboration

In celebration of its 1-year global anniversary, Summoners War: Chronicles is gearing up for an exciting collaboration with the action-packed ’90s anime Slayers TRY. Starting later this month, iconic characters from Slayers TRY will venture into the Rahil Kingdom, ready to join the fray alongside existing Monsters.

Lina, Gourry, and Zelgadis are set to make their debut on March 21, followed by the arrival of Amelia and Xellos in April. Players have the opportunity to fulfill in-game missions to earn Gourry as a reward. In the past Summoners War: Chronicles had collaborated with another popular anime One Punch Man.

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