Minecraft releases Marketplace Pass featuring additional creator-made content

Minecraft has released an additional subscription service, Minecraft Marketplace Pass which will serve as a cheaper alternative to Realms Plus. The subscription will be priced at $3.99 per month and despite much of the content overlapping with other Minecraft subscriptions, it will offer access to over 150 pieces of community-created content featured on the storefront. The content of the pass will be updated every month.

Minecraft Marketplace Pass: Overview

The subscription, Minecraft Marketplace Pass is stated by Mojang as an affordable alternative to other subscriptions. Following are some of the salient features that will be offered with the pass.

Minecraft Marketplace Pass, MinecraftMinecraft Marketplace Pass, Minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios
  1. The Marketplace Pass will offer a wide range of 150+ community-based add-ons from Minecraft Marketplace. This content will include new worlds, new textures, new skins, and new mash-up packs for you to revamp your Minecraft experience. They will be updated monthly.
  2. The pass will bring new Character Creator items for you to claim each month. The already claimed ones will be saved to the Minecraft account and will be saved, and players will be able to keep them even if they don’t renew the subscription.
  3.  The pass comes with a price tag of $3.99 per month in the States, however, the prices may vary depending on the region.

The Pass is a more affordable, single-player alternative to the Realms Plus subscription

The Minecraft Marketplace Pass is a more affordable single-player alternative to the Realms Plus subscription which is priced at $7.99 per month. Although the contents overlap between the subscriptions, the Realms Plus subscription comes with a private server option where you and 10 additional friends can play together. The community-created content is almost the same in both subscriptions, hence Minecraft Marketplace Pass can be seen as a more affordable single-player alternative to other subscriptions.

Minecraft Marketplace Pass, MinecraftMinecraft Marketplace Pass, Minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios

The content on the subscriptions will be rotated every month ensuring new content’s availability for the community. The already-claimed Character Creator items will remain and be part of the account, even after they are removed from the store or you do not renew your subscription further. The global prices may differ, global players can register for a 30-day free trial of the subscription.

Minecraft is an evergreen title and the game boasts of having one of the most active and well-received communities in modern-day gaming. Communities play a huge part in keeping the game relevant and Mojang Studios knows this well. With the help of Minecraft Marketplace Pass, players will be able to revamp their Minecraft experience with new content which would further enhance their experience.

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