Soul Knight Prequel announces its Easterfest Unveiled event before the Easter holidays

The popular pioneer of Soul Knight, Soul Knight Prequel brings in an interesting event called Easterfest Unveiled. The event pumps up the Easter spirit with promising challenges and incentives before its arrival. So, follow my lead as I explain all the details about the Soul Knight Prequel Easterfest Unveiled event in this article.

Soul Knight Prequel Easterfest Unveiled Event: Overview

From the event updates shared by ChillyRoom, Easter Eggs will be hidden in various secret spots for you to locate during the Easterfest. Each egg will have a particular reward, with bonus gifts once you collect a certain number of eggs. If players complete certain daily quests, they are entitled to receive rewards like Weapon skins, Volcanic Hephaestites, and Chest keys. Additionally, they will face the Easterfest Boss in a duel waiting for you to challenge them. 

Talking about the event schedule, the makers will release the Soul Knight Prequel Easterfest through a hotfix on March 20, 2024. The event will kick off on March 21, 2024, at 10:00 AM and continue for about two and a half weeks until April 8, 2024, at 4:00 AM (UTC+8). Players can complete the Easterfest quests once per day. The quests refresh at 4:00 AM the next day, allowing you to finish them again.

Soul Knight Prequel Easterfest Unveiled Event: Easter Eggs and their rewards

Easter Eggs are of two types, common and rare. When collecting rare eggs, the challenge offers higher difficulty but better rewards. In the below table, I will mention the quantity of eggs you should collect to obtain the respective rewards.

Egg Collection Quantity Corresponding Rewards
1 75000x Coins
2 2x Cardpack Vouchers
3 100000x Coins
5 3x Chest Keys
6 120000x Coins
8 1x Companion Eggs
10 1x Weapon skin: Bun-dswehr Bow
15 150000x Coins

The makers allow you to keep track of your egg-hunting progress. You can claim the rewards for the same on the event’s interface.

Easterfest Pass: Quest Points and rewards

The completion of specific daily events during the Soul Knight Prequel Easterfest event will produce points. These points are usable for getting rewards like the exclusive Scarecrow skin, home decor and more. Here are the respective rewards for every quest:

Quests Points Rewards
Defeat 300 enemies 30 100000x Coins
Clear 1 elite dungeon 30 100000x Coins
Clear 1 Helxar-touched dungeon 30 100000x Coins
Drink 1 juice 20 50000x Coins
Defeat the Easterfest boss 1 time 20 1x Chest Key
Dismantle 1 item 20 50000x Coins
Plant 1 crop 20 50000x Coins
Log in every day 20 50000x Coins

The maximum daily points you can obtain is 200, and once you achieve 1500 points, you can claim all the rewards. However, after this point completing quests will no longer earn you points but the rewards will still be claimable. 

Soul Knight Prequel Easterfest PassSoul Knight Prequel Easterfest Pass
Image via ChillyRoom

Other Rewards

  • Weapon Skins – You’ll be able to change the Weapon Skins from the Changing Room or character information panel. These include Gilded Warren Peace, Two-Tone Beatroots, Golden Sage, and many more.
  • Home Decor – You can also obtain exclusive home decor by completing Easterfest quests.
  • Scarecrow Skin – The Scarecrow skill will be available during the event and you can change it from the Storage Chest in Chillstead Village.

New Easterfest Boss: Dieter Rottentail

As the Soul Knight event continues, Dieter Rottentail will appear in the Southern Steppes, challenging you to three single-player battles daily. While battling the Multiplayer mode Dieter Rottentail, it does not have a limit. You’ll be able to challenge the Boss at any difficulty level, with each one dropping legendary gear. You can challenge the boss only when you’ve cleared the Southern Steppes on the current difficulty. The Weapon Skins are only available from the multiplayer mode boss. 

New Easterfest Legendary Gear: Blackened Heart

Blackened Heart, produces a Fatebound Effect wherein scoring a crit requires you to cast 1 active skill. You already excel in the skill at increased mana cost and this effect has CD. Gear like Cottontail Bandanna, Cottontail Tunic, and Cottontail Steppers reduce the resistance of enemies while damaging them. 

Soul Knight Prequel Fatebound nodesSoul Knight Prequel Fatebound nodes
Image via ChillyRoom

Now, I’ve listed down all the Fatebounds and the effects they have on the opposing party:

Fatebounds Effects
Pyrohex Enemies damaged by you have their Fire Resistance reduced by X.
Cyrohex Enemies damaged by you have their Cold Resistance reduced by X.
Electrohex Enemies damaged by you have their Shock Resistance reduced by X.
Venohex Enemies damaged by you have their Poison Resistance reduced by X.
Lumohex Enemies damaged by you have their Light Resistance reduced by X.
Umbrohex Enemies damaged by you have their Dark Resistance reduced by X.

When it drops some legendary-quality gear, the first Fatebound node will generate one of the above six Fatebounds randomly.  That’s all the details concerning the Soul Knight Prequel Easterfest Unveiled event.

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