Blue Archive announces the return of the Kivotos Halo Festival along with a new student and events

The renowned RPG, Blue Archive, unveils its embrace to welcome a spirited newcomer, Kotori (Cheer Squad), coinciding with the revival of one of its grandest events, the Kivotos Halo Festival. Participants are poised to immerse themselves in the vibrant spectacle of athletic prowess, with a multitude of students hailing from different schools within Blue Archive’s bustling academy city converging for this grandiose celebration.

Kivotos Halo Festival brings exciting additions to Blue Archive

The Kivotos Halo Festival extends the continuously developing realm of NEXON Korea’s Blue Archive by hosting a field day that brings together the vibrant array of characters from the popular tactical RPG. Participants take on the role of Sensei, a sagacious mentor, guiding students in overcoming unexpected obstacles to ensure the successful launch of the sporting event.

Throughout the narrative, players encounter fresh students endowed with distinctive skills, whom they can enlist for combat. Blue Archive’s gameplay effortlessly blends strategic foresight with real-time engagement, crafting an emotionally resonant and immersive experience.

Kotori from Millennium Science School joins the roster in Blue Archive

Kotori, a Striker hailing from the Engineering Department of Millennium Science School, remains accessible until Thursday, March 21 at 1:59 a.m. (UTC). Her EX Skill inflicts substantial damage within a fan-shaped region, correlating with her ATK.

Accompanying her is the beloved Haruna from the Track team. Haruna, a Sonic-type Special student affiliated with Gehenna Academy’s Gourmet Research Society, becomes recruitable starting Thursday, March 21 (UTC). Her EX Skill possesses the ability to relocate four allies within a circular area while also proportionally restoring their HP.

Kivotos Halo Festival event stories return with exciting rewards

The event stories “On Your Mark @ Millennium” and “Get Set, Go!” are set to return alongside the Kivotos Halo Festival. As players progress through the initial stages of each event story, they will receive Hibiki (Cheer Squad) and Hasumi (Track) as rewards. Moreover, recruitment opportunities for students Noa and Utaha (Cheer Squad) will remain open until Thursday, March 21 at 1:59 a.m. (UTC), while Yuuka (Track) and Mari (Track) will be available for recruitment until Tuesday, April 2 at 1:59 a.m. (UTC). This extended availability aims to enable players to fully engage with the narratives of the Kivotos Halo Festival.

Nexon has launched the Kivotos Halo Festival Broadcast Page, an event platform where players can stay updated on important news and academies to explore. Until Monday, April 1, a poll event will be accessible on the official YouTube page, allowing players to vote for their preferred student from each event and receive 200 Pyroxenes per event. Additionally, to provide players with deeper insights into their favorite students, introduction and interview videos will be made available.

Two mini games are also part of the offering. One of them, titled “Running Fast! Kivotos-Style Training,” involves Sensei assisting Sumire and Shiroko in enhancing their running skills. Their ultimate score depends on the number of energy drinks they gather.

The other game, “Spike It! Kivotos Volleyball Tournament,” will be introduced on Wednesday, March 20 (UTC). It provides players with the opportunity to engage in a volleyball match, assuming the roles of students like Yuuka, Mari, and Hasumi.

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