MONOPOLY GO! rakes up $2 Billion in revenue just 10 months after launch

Scopely’s MONOPOLY GO! is undoubtedly one of the best casual games available currently, and there are plenty of players, including me who spend time on this game regularly. Well, looks like the players have spent money along with time as MONOPOLY GO has amassed $2 Billion in revenue just 10 months after its launch.

MONOPOLY GO had crossed the $1 Billion mark just three months prior

Speaking about the game, MONOPOLY GO is a modern-day rendition of the ever-popular Monopoly board game that retains the essence of buying, selling, constructing, and collecting rent on real estate. Ever since its launch in April 2023 and on alternative app stores in August of the same year, it has brought some fantastic events for players or shortcuts to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies such as Money and collect stickers which kept the interest value high.

MONOPOLY GO add friends, MONOPOLY GO Events January 2024MONOPOLY GO add friends, MONOPOLY GO Events January 2024
Image via Scopely

In their recent blog post, Scopely co-CEO Javier Ferreira gives an insight into the numbers which MONOPOLY GO earned, confirming that the game has made over $2 billion in revenue since its inception, marking the latest milestone. It is worth noting that this happened only ten months after the launch while previously three months ago it had already earned them one billion dollars.

In addition to this, he points out that the players’ involvement in MONOPOLY GO has been brilliant with more than 8 million people playing every single day, which is over 70% of its total daily players, which are very impressive numbers for a mobile game according to me. He also says that the amount of dedication shown by the players exceeds expectations and it does not appear to be slowing down.

If you ask me, there is no stopping MONOPOLY GO. It has reached a point where the events are just bonuses for players, and collecting stickers is a task all look forward to completing. The fun of completing events with friends also adds to the experience, and hence I don’t see why players stop from purchasing dice rolls or other in-game items. So, I can predict within August we might see the game hitting the $3 Billion mark.

With MONOPOLY GO hitting $2 Billion, let us see the other industry milestones

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