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Pokémon Sleep is bringing in another brand new event in Raikou Research. Thanks to this, the Legendary Pokémon Raikou, one of the Legendary Beasts trio will be making its entry into sleep research for the very first time in the game. So let me explain more details about the Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research event in this article.

Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research Event Overview

From the event description the makers have shared, on Greengrass Isle, thunder rumbles repeatedly, signalling the electric-type Raikou’s presence. So in this event, your task is to help Professor Neroli gather Raikou Mane samples to study their sleeping habits. You also have an advantage since you can exchange these samples for Raikou Incense and Biscuits to learn more about Raikou’s sleep styles.

Coming to the schedule, this event will be going on for two weeks, kicking off from March 25, 2024, to April 8, 2024. You’ll be able to take on two sets of limited-time missions, Week 1 Missions starting on March 25th and Week 2 Missions starting on April 1st distributed across the two weeks, with both ending on the same day, April 8th.

To progress in the event, all you need to do is to press Sleep in the game once the event begins. There will be an Event Exchange section for your rewards, which brings in samples such as Raikou Incense, Raikou Biscuits, Main Skill Seeds and Thunder Stones.

Pokemon Sleep Raikou Research Event: Rewards and Bonuses

Coming to rewards you can get during the event, you can gather bits of Raikou Mane as samples for research. These samples won’t fill up your item pocket but can be checked at the Event Exchange. Even after the event, you can trade these samples until the Exchange closes so you need not worry about them piling up.

Pokémon Go connect Pokémon SleepPokémon Go connect Pokémon Sleep
Image via The Pokémon Company

Now, to collect Raikou Mane samples, you can participate in sleep research sessions on the Greengrass Isle once per day. The number of samples you get depends on the Pokémon species and their sleep behaviours. Electric-type Pokémon get you more Raikou Mane, so I recommend using them in your group. Also, completing limited-time missions offers another way to obtain Raikou Mane samples.

Speaking of the bonuses, we will be having our plates full. Since we use Electric-type helper Pokémon mostly, they will bring one extra ingredient each time. Snorlax on Greengrass Isle will favor Electric-type Grepa Berries. Wait, there’s more as various Pokémon with different sleep types will appear during sleep research, and some Pokémon will be more common during this time.

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