Black Desert Mobile introduces the new Drakania Awakening class with exciting features

A significant update for Black Desert Mobile is launched by the Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss. This update unveils the formidable Drakania Awakening class, ‘Letanas’. This new character, an impressive female class adorned with magnificent wings, demonstrates the capability to spread her majestic dragon wings, taking flight with immense power. In the skies, she launches a relentless barrage of aerial attacks, showcasing her prowess on the battlefield.

New Drakania Awakening class brings amazing features to Black Desert Mobile

The newly introduced Letanas class comprises four active skills. Letanas exhibits the ability to execute powerful aerial assaults to dominate adversaries and perform ground-based maneuvers using her folded wings. With the debut of the Letanas class, players have the opportunity to unleash a relentless stream of destructive attacks through their primary abilities.

  • Legacy: Players can switch between Hexeblood and Dragonblood forms for diverse combat options. The Hexeblood form increases skill damage, while Dragonblood applies the PvP Reduction effect.
  • Sundering Roar: Players can employ two passive skills to activate this ability. When using Dragonblood, players can harness Letanas’ left spear to unleash dragon breath with great distance and range. When employing Hexeblood, players can alternate between both spears, with ease to attack quickly in a wide range. 
  • Savage Decree: Players can fiercely pierce through enemies in Dragonblood, or use Dragon’s Roar to target frontal enemies in Hexeblood.
  • Doombringer: Players can channel surrounding winds to ascend and strike downward on enemies using Letanas’ left spear. With enough MP, a Bloody Zone will be formed, dealing damage and enabling her to control the battlefield momentarily.

Additional information about the Black Desert Mobile Drakania Awakening Class can be found on the official website. The Black Desert IP, owned by Pearl Abyss, stands as an open-world action MMORPG franchise renowned for its state-of-the-art visuals and skill-centric combat mechanics, reshaping the genre’s landscape. Offering the most sophisticated character customization system among current gaming offerings, players have the freedom to craft distinctive characters that authentically mirror their personalities.

With intuitive controls, meticulously crafted environments, and a rich backstory, the game captivates both novices and seasoned veterans of MMOs and action RPGs alike. Pearl Abyss presently manages the Black Desert IP, boasting a staggering player base of 55 million worldwide across PC, mobile, and console platforms.

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