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Mobile Legends Bang Bang is now set to launch another regional event in MENA. Mobile Legends MPL MENA Season 5 is going to kick off in April with 10 teams and a massive prize pool of $119,750. Apart from crowning the best team, the esports event will also send the top two to the prestigious event of the upcoming MSC 2024. The event is organized by MOONTON Games and will take place both online and offline.

Mobile Legends MPL MENA Season 5: Schedule and Format

The event will have two stages in its run. The initial one is the Regular Season that will kick off on the 18th of April 2024. All the matches in this stage will be a BO3 followed by a single round-robin format. The top 5 teams from the regular season and the best KSA team will elevate themselves to the next stage of Mobile Legends MPL MENA Season 5. The regular season will end on the 25th of May 2024.

The Playoffs will begin on the 12th of June 2024 with the remaining 6 teams from the previous stage. Matches will follow a hybrid elimination format. The top two teams from the previous stage will get a round bye and play in the upper bracket’s second round. The first-round matches will be single elimination and the second-round matches (top two teams) will play in a double elimination format.

All the matches of this stage will be BO3 while the grand final will be a BO7, lower bracket final is BO5. The best KSA team will qualify for the upcoming MSC 2024, and so will the champion team.

Mobile Legends MPL MENA Season 5 invited teamsMobile Legends MPL MENA Season 5 invited teams
Image via MOONTON Games

Participant Teams

There will be a total of 10 teams featured in the event. Half of the teams are invited and the rest are from qualifiers of the regional events of MENA. The list of the teams is as follows.

Prize Pool

Mobile Legends MPL MENA Season 5 features a huge amount of prize pool. A total of $119,750 will be given to the teams based on their placements after the end of the event. The detailed breakdown of the prize pool is as follows.

The Champion $30,000
Runner up $13,500
3rd $7,250
4th $4,000
5th-6th $2,500
7th-8th $1,500
9th-10th $750

Apart from the placement rewards, each team will get $300 per week for a participation bonus. Awards include the following.

Awards Prize
Rookie of the Season $500
Grand Final MVP $2,000
Best Regular Season Lineup $500

Where to watch the Mobile Legends MPL MENA Season 5

The grand event will be a place where you will find the best MOBA action and blend of strategic moves altogether. As you wait to watch the thrilling actions and domination from the best teams from MENA, you can visit socials like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for regular updates relating to teams and everything else that’s going on. Besides, when the event starts, fans can enjoy the event live on the official YouTube channel of MLBB MENA.

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