Rose Gaming shares her inspiring journey from being a casual MLBB streamer to MPL-MY host

International Women’s Week is here and to celebrate this, we at GamingonPhone are doing a wave of interviews. To kick off this interview series, I sat down with Rose Gaming, a popular female esports personality from Malaysia. Rose Gaming is a well-known name in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang scene, particularly as the MPL-MY host.

Tousif: Hi Rose Gaming, thanks for appearing in this interview, could you tell us about yourself in brief?

Rose: Thank you so much GamingonPhone for making me a part of your Women’s Day celebration. My name is Rose and I am a content creator and esports host. My mother is Filipina whereas my father is a Singaporean Chinese. I, however, spent most of my childhood in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Singapore.

Tousif: You have an interesting background from your parents being multicultural to you being trilingual, how did that help you to become what you are today?

Rose: Being raised in a multicultural family definitely helped me become the host I am today. Our household spoke English and Tagalog (especially when my mom is mad) and I was exposed to minimal Malay in school as it was an international school. Fun fact, I learnt all the Malay I use today from playing and streaming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (used to fail Bahasa Melayu in school).

Tousif: Tell us about your journey before you got into esports.

Rose: How I entered esports is rather funny, in the middle of 2018, I wanted to make friends in the MLBB community to find people to play with hence I tried out streaming. After a month of streaming my nonsense, I got an offer to join the second batch of Facebook streamers in Malaysia (I was super skeptical because I thought it was a scam).

Tousif: What was the tipping point for your career when you decided that esports was the way for you?

Rose: I personally felt that I was doing what I love at the peak of the pandemic. During the pandemic, everyone was stuck at home, and most resorted to gaming to hang out with their friends. I streamed a lot and made so many friends during this period. I learned the game better and it even helped me to financially sustain myself during the pandemic.

Tousif: For you what are the best parts/perks of being a host for the MLBB esports scene?

Rose: The best part of being a host in this scene is definitely gaining a wider perspective on what happens behind the scenes. You will witness the ups and downs of a team, the emotions that people usually don’t see, and the struggles they go through to perform on the big stage.

Probably another bonus perk is traveling (well not literally), when we travel, we usually arrive the day before the event and leave the day after it ends. We do however hang out with so many amazing talents from different regions and see how the scene differs in different countries.

Tousif: How do you see women taking a lead in the MPL scene (you, Mara, Cheryl, etc)? Considering the esports casting scene is primarily dominated by males.

I personally feel incredibly proud to have women play a bigger role in the scene, as I have always said, the scene has always been male-dominated but with enough representation, we too are showing the world that women can in fact play games.

Tousif: What are your thoughts on the current MPL-MY scene? and how do you see it 3 years down the line?

The MPL-MY scene is definitely a growing scene and us hitting 550k PCU during the grand finals of S12 proved it. I hope to see the scene grow even further in the upcoming years and may we nurture newer and fresher individuals to make us proud.

Tousif: If you could be a host for any other country’s MPL which country that would be? and why?

Rose: Tough question but I would love to host in MPL-PH (even for a day or two). The scene is ever growing and I have not had a chance to properly host in the Philippines. I feel like I could also learn so much from Mara.

Tousif: Who are your top 3 MLBB heroes as Rose Gaming, any interesting/funny incident you experienced during your gameplay that you’d like to share in this interview?

Rose: Top 3 MLBB heroes would be Karrie, Granger, and Bruno. At the peak of the pandemic, I was very determined to push for global rankings to prove that we girls can carry in games too! (I am not only the trilingual queen but also the triple-kill queen!)

Tousif: What are your favorite games outside of MLBB?

Rose: I don’t really play a lot outside of ML but one game I’ve been enjoying lately is playing Palworld with my boyfriend! The Pals are just so freaking cute!!!

Tousif: If you could go back and correct a mistake you made in your esports career what would that be?

Rose: As cliche as it sounds, I really wouldn’t want to correct any mistakes I have made in my journey because all of it helped me be the host that I am today.

Tousif: What would be your advice for a female who is trying to enter the esports casting scene?

Rose: My advice to all the women who want to join the esports scene is to just try. There are so many roles for you to take here, from front end all the way to backend operations. Take that leap of faith and trust your intuition, you will never know where that will get you.

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