Hero Adjustments, Battlefield Adjustments and more

In this patch, devs continue to optimize several heroes that have been adjusted significantly, as well as the new hero Chip on the Advanced Server. At the same time, devs have made some additional adjustments to some of the Fighter heroes that were adjusted in the previous patch on Mobile Legends (MLBB). Let us break down the Patch 1.8.64 Update of Mobile Legends in detail.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.64 Update: Hero Adjustments

Chip (~)

Developers have increased Ultimate’s second hit chance but decreased its effect.

Ultimate (~)

  • Delay Time: 2.6s >> 1.8s
  • Delayed Damage: 600-900 +180% Magic Power >> 400-600 +120% Magic Power
  • Delayed Slow Effect: 75% >> 50%

Diggie (↓)

Mobile Legends Diggie Cover GuideMobile Legends Diggie Cover Guide
Image via MOONTON Games

Diggie’s early-game damage is too powerful against soloing enemies.

Skill 1 (↓)

Base Damage: 500-600 >> 350-600

Natan (~)

Natan is too powerful with the new Radiant Armor, so we’ve lowered his late-game damage abilities while shortening his Ultimate’s foreswing to make him easier and more flexible to use.

Passive (↓)

Attack Speed Boost: 7.5%-15% >> 7.5% at all levels

Ultimate (↑)

Reduced foreswing time by 50%.

Silvanna (~)

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.42 Update, Mobile Legends SilvannaMobile Legends Patch 1.8.42 Update, Mobile Legends Silvanna
Image via MOONTON Games

Reduced the cooldown on her damage skill, but increased the cooldown on her control skill.

Skill 1 (↓)

Cooldown: 7s at all levels >> 11-9s

Skill 2 (↑)

Cooldown: 7-5s >> 5.5-4.5s

Masha (↓)

Masha’s 3 HP bars give her exceptional defence, so she is now overpowered with a healthy damage-dealing experience (new Skill 1 and Ultimate). We decided to lower her attributes, but keep her skill mechanics the same.

Attributes (↓)

  • Attack Growth: 10 >> 6
  • HP Growth: 145 >> 75

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.64 Update: Battlefield Adjustments

Equipment Adjustments


With all the Marksmen’s HP lowered in the game, an early-game Turret dive becomes more likely. Developers have decided to slightly increase ally hero protection from the Gold Lane Outer Turret.

Gold Lane Outer Turret (↑)

If there is an Energy Shield, nearby allied heroes will receive 30% >> 35% less damage.

That’s all for the Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.64 Update! The new ALLSTAR-themed patch is about to make its debut. Players can get ready to try out the new Hero Chip, along with the new All-Star event.

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