Blue Lock BLAZE BATTLE, the sports title based on the popular anime gets a launch for mobile in Japan

Blue Lock BLAZE BATTLE, the sports game inspired by the popular manga and anime series Blue Lock, is now available for mobile devices on both Android and iOS in Japan. With this title, the fans of the franchise will be able to relive the story while the newbies can get familiar with it.

Experience the fantastic Blue Lock franchise with a mobile game setup

From BAEL Inc., the game is being published as a “thrilling soccer battle game” that offers an exciting experience for fans. While the core gameplay sticks true to what football is, players can relive iconic moments from the anime within the game. Being a fan of the sport as well as reading both manga and watching the anime, the cutscenes and story staying true makes me more interested in the title.

Blue Lock Blaze GameplayBlue Lock Blaze Gameplay
Image via BAEL

Gameplay-wise, this gives me a vibe similar to Captain Tsubasa: Ace, which is also a title based on a popular manga. In the game, you’ll create your dream team by training and organizing characters such as Isagi, Nai, and Bachira to name a few, using support cards, and choosing formations. There are lots of different ways to train your team, like improving skills and abilities.

You’ll also play intense matches where you’ll experience the competitive spirit of the anime. You’ll put together your own team of confident players and face off in exciting 11 vs 11 soccer games to climb to the top of the rankings. If you’re a fan of the series or just curious about it, you can get Blue Lock BLAZE BATTLE on both Android and iOS via the Google Play Store and the App Store.

However, we only have the Japanese version live now, and no info regarding the global release has been mentioned yet. I’m pretty sure they won’t be dropping that idea since the anime is popular worldwide and would bank on it. If the game gains traction in Japan, Blue Lock BLAZE BATTLE will surely get a launch globally, and for that info, keep an eye on this space.

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