introduces a new quest system, maps, revamped gears, and more

The monster-hunting action RPG from Supercell titled shared its first KPI (Key Portal Insights) where it revealed several latest changes in the game. After receiving player feedback from the beta test, has made a lot of changes including a new quest system, maps, revamped gears, and more. We will take a look inside of what’s new for the game in the recently shared details. players to witness some significant changes after the game shares its latest KPI

So, the game went through a beta test and we know what it is going to deliver. From our first impression, we are sure that this is going to carry Supercell afar. After the last major success which was Brawl Stars in 2018, we haven’t seen Supercell-level games lately. As is a promising title, the changes are needed to move forward.

New Quest System

New Quest System in mo.coNew Quest System in
Image via Supercell

The New Quest System includes new jobs/quests. As the game said, “Players will be able to experience’s story through tailored jobs on top of various side jobs that will progress your character.” Jobs will be now from the founders and you can access them from your Phone. As the story unveils itself slowly, jobs will have a direct relation to unveiling the story.

Map Design

The first question that the game answered was explaining the need for a revamped tutorial. At first glance, the game seems pretty fun. But there was no point in playing it like there wasn’t a compelling story that could attach a player. You’d ask even why are you playing the game. To answer that, introduced the revamped tutorial. The City map is now featured at the start of the game. The new tutorial will now kick off the game. introduces a redesigned map, objectives are shown in the map introduces a redesigned map, objectives are shown in the map now
Image via Supercell

The map is redesigned and you can now find the job locations. You do not have to roam around to find the job, instead, a marker will tell you where to go. The same has been applied to the mini-map, in the upper right corner of the screen.

New Gears
Image via Supercell

Gears such as Smart Fireworks, Boombox, and Turbo Pills are now redesigned and appealing. Animations and color correction made them special. developers share ideas and motivation behind bringing the changes

After the close beta test in the US, the developers took time to correct the game as per FTUE (first-time user experience). They took some time and made the changes accordingly. Though a lot will come and the game has a lot ahead to think about, it implemented some good features. As per the development plans, the title was to bring some changes to the Early Game and Quest System, Skin System, Social Features, PvP, and more. Yet it brought a few after announcing the latest KPI.

However, the quest system underwent several changes before introducing the current one. “We had multiple full team playtests of the new quest system and gathered lots of feedback from this that we wanted to implement,” said the developers. The same was done for the story. Though it wasn’t clear how many times they rethought it, surely the developers have worked a lot to make the players build a connection to the game via its story. gameplay
Image via Supercell

The changes do not stop here. As the developers have said, there are a lot of changes coming ahead. There will be improved worlds, characters, and the overall experience of the first maps. Besides, the artists have also been working on improving maps, monsters, and skins. More details will be out soon. The next KPI will unveil the changes made to the Skins.

So, as we wait to see more features hitting the game, the developers are determined to provide top-notch fun and entertainment as well. As Supercell CEO spoke, is expected to have a blast in 2024. We as mobile gaming enthusiasts can only hope for the best now.

What are your thoughts about the making the latest changes around the new quest system, maps, and more? Do let us know in the comments!

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